Working with What you Got…….

Improvised Weapons

The broad strokes of this article was brought to my attention by a friend of mine, and with the recent post on Combatives, I thought it pertinent to add to the collection. I also wanted to use it to raise awareness, which is, as I have always said, the real reason for this blog.

OK, as you are going about your everyday schedule..home, commute, work, commute, home, etc..what TOOLS do you have handy around you to defend yourself and survive? Now, please, don’t be the quintessential Mall Ninja and say you keep a M240 under the front seat of your car or a Javelin launcher in your trunk. Be real folks, that is the point of this exercise, because when you are real and truthful, you will be surprised at what you can do with what you got! For most folks, home, vehicle and work will would be the standard places we spend most of our time, so that will be the subject matter of this exercise. I want to expand this to not just what is WITHIN reach but EVERYTHING you have in the CAR, since alot of people keep BOB’s and Trauma Packs in the trunk.

Here is an example my friend gave me to get us going in the right direction (for vehicle):

“On my person:  cell phone and wired headset, watch, wallet, steel barrel pen, Sig 9mm 15+1, Fixed blade fighting knife, and Pocket Trauma Kit. Within reach (while buckled into my car seat):  glass breaker, ear plugs, water bottle, latex gloves, pain killer, safety glasses, 7×35 Nikon binocs, spare pistol mag.”

Here is my .02 cents..I will include all contents of car.

On my Person: Cell Phone, Watch, Wallet, Streamlight Stylus Pen Light (in shirt pocket), Black Ink  Steel Barrel Pen (in shirt pocket), Glock 30SF (10+1), spare mag in horizontal mag carrier, Benchmade Folding Knife (clipped in pocket), Surefire E2D Flashlight (clipped in pocket).Within Reach in Car (glove compartment): pepper spray, umbrella, ball point pens, hard edge CD Case; 21″ ASP under seat. In Back of Car: Trauma Bag for 2 People, Bug Out Bag, Roadside Emergency Kit.

Ok, so there it is guys and gals…be honest and see where you are at. Since I included EVERYTHING that may be in the vehicle, this may warrant a separate article on Vehicle BOB’s at a later date.  In relation to keeping a BOB and Trauma Pack in my car, the mentality was for me at least, to have enough kit (72 hrs) for me and 3 other people to get us back to my main Supply Bag (Home) OR if Home is no longer an option, find supplies and re-build it…more on that later. On my Trauma bag, I have come up on enough road-side accidents to know having just a basic first aid and Trauma Kit can help stabilize somebody until EMS shows up.

As for now, focus on what you have ON YOUR PERSON and in YOUR IMMEDIATE REACH….evaluate it, see if it “holds water” realistically. If it does not, change it….change your lifestyle….get your CCL, buy a quality knife, but a pocket kubotan, pocket flashlight, etc… the sky is the limit depending on how far you want to go! I will tell you carrying a small pocket flashlight (such as the Surefire E2D with striking bezel) opens up a world of opportunities for defensive purposes!

Ultimately, the point is, when you possess the Combative Mindset, ANYTHING can become a can always HAVE SOMETHING to fight with if you are creative enough to think that way! When I talk about this I always remember those scenes in the Jason Bourne Movies (Identity, Supremacy & Ultimatum) where Jason Bourne uses things like a ball point pen, a rolled up magazine and a Towel to absolutely annihilate his enemies. I know, I know, that is just the movies, (plus Matt Damon is real Lib-Tard Jackass) but the real kicker in that is the system that Damon was trained in (Filipino Kali) emphasizes improvisation and combative mentality throughout, so it is a great system to springboard off of, as is Krav Maga.


I also want to point you in the right direction to some great materials on improvised weapons and the combative mentality:

  • DVD:  Forever Armed (Stay Safe Media), Michael Janich
  • DVD: Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect (Paladin-Press), Kelly Mccann
  • Book: Combatives for Street Survival (Black Belt Books), Kelly Mccann
  • (Great Resource Site!)

Also stay tuned for upcoming HCS Classes on Improvised Weapons & Combatives!!

Stay Dangerous!