Stoves for SHTF or just plain camping

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Prepare Now for the Next SHTF Scenario!

3rd-Wave Housewifery

Before Buying Consider the 1, 2, 3’s

1) Fuel first! If you choose a less expensive stove, but can’t get fuel for it (or afford much), you’ve saved nothing.

2) Complexity of Design or Operation could lead to failing parts (or operator-error that could cause injury to you or the stove). Be prepared to READ the INSTRUCTIONS and always keep them with the stove and re-read before firing it up again, unless of course it’s simply the next meal or day. (Better-to-not-get-literally-burned than to be stubborn about such things.)

3) Get Honest Detailed Feedback…my experience is admittedly limited and my backpacking-days are long since past. But, but, but, go beyond Amazon. I suggest you go directly to outdoor-equipment specialty sites. I found much more detailed reviews that way, even down to How-well-StoveX-simmers (i.e. it was good for true cooking as opposed to merely heating water for coffee or MountainHouse® meals

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