Texit Referendum Bill Introduced On Alamo Anniversary

Texit Referendum Bill Introduced On Alamo Anniversary


Let the Fire Rise! 🔥 🔥 🔥



Texas News: Texas Governor Orders DEI Statements Removed From State Universities

Following governor’s orders Texas A&M University System removes DEI statements


So glad Governor Abbott is joining in with Florida Governor DeSantis to bring Back COMMON SENSE in State Hiring Practices and stand up against the rising tide of Anti-White rhetoric and Hate.




National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One The Other Inevitable

National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One The Other Inevitable


Secession, successful and unsuccessful, has a long history in the U.S. The U.S. itself, after all, separated from Great Britain.

Vermont separated from New Hampshire, New York and Quebec, Maine separated from Massachusetts, and the Republic of Texas separated from Mexico and joined the United States on terms that arguably allowed Texas to divide itself into five smaller states looking something like this:






If at First You Don’t Secede, Try Try Again!

Secession Movement Succeeding: Idaho House Passes “Greater Idaho” Secession Bill


“More and more, rural white Americans are discussing it.

They want to break free from the control of leftists who dominate states from “urban areas.”

Movements have arisen in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia.”


Things like this give this old Proud Southern White Boy HOPE!