Anti-Drone Ideals for the Privacy Minded Citizen

From the Archives 2016, UPDATED!


Anti-Drone Defenses: Some Ideas Are Better Than Others

This is an interesting and funny article for the simple fact it raises some very important questions for the Civilian Operator who wants to keep his Private life well, PRIVATE!

Bottom line: Think like an Insurgent and use Deception and Deceit (and some other very creative methods)

Some Spicy Times are coming our way in the next few months folks, Be Prepared and Think Ahead!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

“At Loggerheads”

BY HCS Technical Staff

Disclaimer: HCS and any affiliated persons are not responsible for anything that may result from the use or misuse of the information below.

The unauthorized interception of anyone’s communications without their consent or the appropriate legal authority is a serious crime in most jurisdictions. This information is for academic study and lawful self-protective use only.

Seriously, don’t snoop on people. It is just not cool.

Today we are going to continue our series of “Civilian ECM” articles by discussing the threat of key loggers.

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