Don Shift Sends: SHTF Lessons from Rhodesia

Don Shift Sends: SHTF Lessons from Rhodesia


I highly reccomend all my readers check out the two YouTube Channels Capturing Memories and Five Romeo Romeo.

Some excellent Historical lessons for White Americans living in FUSA.


Netflix Celebrates Anti-White Black Militancy Month


It appears Netsux just can’t get enough of celebrating anti-white marxist terrorist, and I’m not talking about the dozens of pathetic BLM documentaries they have released, no this is about ANOTHER group of murdering marxist black thugs who took hostages at a bank in Silverton, Pretoria South Africa in 1980 (aka The Silverton Siege) and demanded the release of their caramel messiah, Nelson Mandela, the heavyweight champion of marxist black terrorist.

Anti-White ZOG spigots like Netsux, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the BBC continue their agenda to BLACKEN THE HISTORY of Great Britain and America by celebrating black militant marxist and anti-apartheid massacres while the white families of the victims of black militant violence weep alone.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

The War on Whites Continue in South Africa

February Farm Attacks In South Africa: Murdered, Strangled, Wounded, Robbed, And Children, Even Toddlers, Tied Up By Robbers.


South Africa has always been a bellwether if you will of racial reality in the modern world, particularly when it comes to governments populated with black marxist with anti-white ideologies.

What is happening there to these white farmers is more criminal than anything happening in Ukraine, I assure you.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Anti-White Tide.


Meanwhile in South Africa…

January Farm Attacks In South Africa: Shot, Attacked, Murdered, Bound, And An Elderly Woman Beaten To Death With A Chair

Let’s not forget there are scores of innocent, hard working White Folks being murdered in South Africa for no other reason than their skin color.

This is the end result when Black Communist are allowed to grow in power because of political correctness.

Multiculturalism is a virus to society.