The Legend of Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Hoare

I remember reading Congo Mercenary while deployed many moons back.

This guy was the stuff of legend.

Europe Renaissance

Mercenary ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare (1919-2022) was perhaps the best-known of the European mercenaries who fought in the Congo Crisis (1960-1965).  Born to Irish parents in Calcutta he was educated in England. A rarity for mercenaries who spend their lives on the frontlines, Hoare, at 101 years old seemingly benefited from the unstinting devotion of a very special and caring guardian angel. A veteran of numerous conflicts, Mike Hoare earned his spurs as an officer in the London Irish Rifles.

What does an army captain do when World War II becomes history? He becomes a chartered accountant of course. When led by Europeans prosperous and peaceful South Africa was a magnet for many disenchanted Britons. Mike Hoare was no exception. The amiable demobbed Brit set up a charted accountant’s business in South Africa.

As a South African citizen, Mike Hoare combined his sense of adventure and soldierly know-how to organise safaris…

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Know Your White South African History: The Battle of Blood River (1838)

On This Day in History: The Battle of Blood River


I find it fascinating that white settlers fighting off savages to try and make a better life for their families is not just a purely American story!

Manifest Destiny applies to White’s Everywhere!

For further reading on the subject, check out Origins of the Battle of Blood River 1838.


A Time to Move and a Time to Dig Trenches

Meanwhile in Modern Day South Africa…

South African Farm Attacks In September: Eight Dead, Others Raped, Stabbed, And Beaten With Iron Rods


Black South African Court Rules “Kill the Boer” song not hate speech.

Never forget the injustices being committed against our fellow White Brother’s and Sister’s in South Africa by the corrupt black socialist Ramaphosa.

A Reckoning is Coming Soon.

Support the White South African Solidarity Movement.




A Time to Dig Trenches

A Time to Dig Trenches


Really awesome article.

We here in the West could take a few pointers from the White Solidarity movement going on in South Africa!

They have established an organization solely for Afrikaners (AfriForum) based on the principles of autonomy and pragmatism that provides a vast array of support services normally reserved for local and state government, which of course have failed Afrikaners miserably.

The time has come for Western communities to stop running and start digging trenches!

These trenches will have to be dug in the field of parallel institutions and in the ground of identity and the mountains of heritage.

This is the Way.