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Successful societies become bloated. It is not that they become weak, but that so many weak people appear that a market for delusion is created.

Their wealth is not the cause of their problems, but it allows the weak to survive and prosper, just like technology does. 

In other words, we see two models of civilization:

One optimizes production and dies by bloating; the other optimizes control and dies by fighting over control. Obviously the former triumphed with the rise of the West, but it remains to be seen if it can resist the many attempts to dominate it, including most likely from within, since that is what took down the Greek and Roman states as well as Aethelred II.

We might call these models “supply-based” and “demand-based.” Supply-based systems seek to increase production, creativity, and invention, even if these are not equally distributed and therefore a hierarchy of wealth, power, and status emerges; demand-based societies aim to give things to their citizens in order to enforce unity, and therefore need more tax targets. The West has always been supply-based, at least until the most recent conquest, and the rest of the world especially the third world appears to be demand-based.

Our political shift toward egalitarianism, starting with the French Revolution but accelerating after WW2, changed us from a supply-based organic society to a demand-based modern state run for the perpetuity of government, not the perpetuity of the civilization or its best citizens.






The Great Betrayal

A Marine Widow Writes To Say No One Should Be Enlisting In The Military Of A Government That Hates Us


“I am a vet and the widow of a Marine who died on active duty.  I now believe that no white, Christian man or woman should fight for this country. 

Our government hates us.”


With Veterans Day fast approaching, I think this is a topic ALL Veterans need to confront.

Having served, I know there are a lot of Vets, Southern and Yankee, that feel betrayed as I do.

Regardless of where you stand, I highly recommend you read this Identity Dixie article from 2020 to put things in perspective:


No Longer Janissaries






Weaponizing Children

Weaponizing Children


“To achieve an American Marxist utopia, it would be necessary to dismantle the Judeo-Christian values that have undergirded America since the founding. Adult Americans being incorrigibly patriotic and religious, it was necessary to capture their kids.   

The UN Population Fund stresses that CSE needs to start very young, in preschool.

But the Center for Family and Human Rights warns that CSE teaches “very young children about sexual pleasure, sexual orientation, gender identity, and access to and use of contraceptives, abortion, and other drugs and medical procedures…”

United Families International is even more explicit in its warning: CSE teaches “children how to have sexual pleasures; whether… to themselves or with a partner… At a United Nations conference, a moderator said, ‘If we can just get this… program into every school and fully implemented around the globe… It would solve all our problems!’ …its main purposes are to elevate such things as masturbation, oral and anal sex, and techniques for achieving an orgasm. And basically teaching our children to be gender and sexual rights activists.”

Control of the minds of our kids is the ultimate strategic terrain. Without the complete programming of America’s children — the weaponizing of them — Marxism cannot win in America.

There cannot be an armistice in this war. There can only be one victor.”


As in any War, By Understanding the History and Tactics of your enemy (Globo-Homo) you can fight and kill it more effectively.





The Communist World Revolution, 1917-1923

Read Twice and Circulate Extensively.


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The Communist political strategy from 1917 to 1924 was known as “World Revolution.”

They aimed to establish a totalitarian Communist world government by scamming the proletarian masses into killing off their current ruling elites, and replacing them with a new elite of international-banker-backed Marxists and the horde of social reprobates and criminals that they called comrades.

It was a great irony that the Marxists dubbed the existing elites “bourgeois capitalist oppressors”, considering that many of the Marxists were literally members of the bourgeoisie, and that Communism in practice defaults to oppressive neo-feudalistic oligarchy (the plebs just say “m’party” instead of “m’lord”).

Anyway, almost every single European country experienced a Communist revolution during this period.

However, the World Revolution strategy was a miserable failure everywhere except Russia, which was the last country they had expected it to succeed in. The whole idea of Marxism is that Communism…

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Guerilla Warfare 101: An Interview with Marco Valbuena of the Communist Party of the Philippines on Guerrilla War and Geopolitics

H/T American Partisan

An Interview with Marco Valbuena of the Communist Party of the Philippines on Guerrilla War and Geopolitics


Want to see how an actual Guerilla Army Operates against a Superior Government Force?

Look no further than the Philipines and the CPP.

Politics aside, this is an awesome study for the Civilian Operator.