The Warrior Poet: Snap, Snap! (and You’re Thankful)

Soldier with rifle and helmet

By Rob Sanders

When you’re cold and alone

On the dark side of night,

Your lying on rocks

Shivering – cold or fright?

The mortars are booming

across the valley below,

And you’re thankful.


Snap Snap as rounds whizz past.

Snap snap as rounds pass close.

Crack crack the rounds start on rock.

You hunch down still deeper

try to keep the watch.

Boom, Boom

And you’re thankful.


Now it’s done, it’s gone

It’s all over now.

Someone is dead,

And someone is not.

Nothing is left, but

The pain and the blood,

Nothing is left, but

The night and the gun.

And you’re thankful.


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