Fight, Win and Survive: Techniques, Tactics and Procedures for the Multi-Domain Battlefield, Part 1

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The following is the preface from “Fight, Win and Survive”, which is a white paper published almost exactly one year ago and culminates with the modern incarnation of the patrolling tips, the predecessors of which can be found here and here, along with Bayo’s One Hundred and Fifty Questions To A Guerrilla. In this version,…

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B-52 Reconnaissance Tips of the Trade, Vietnam

Great Reference Material!

I Highly Recommend you guys creating a Flash Drive for material like this.


The must-read on patrolling tips and lessons from the masters of small unit warfare, the following is the second portion on historical perspectives on patrolling. Their experiences were chronicled in “The Ether Zone”. While some may think its dated or doesn’t apply, I’ve considered it, along with its update, B-720, critical references since I was…

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No Encryption, No Problem: Analog Radio Operations for Guerilla Units



When it comes to learning Comms in the field, you cannot beat Brushbeater.

This guy has BTDT and got the snazzy T-shirt.

A really excellent, rubber meets the road, no bullshit article on how small guerilla units can maintain secure comms in the field.

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CO 101: Small Unit Tactics Review

I have been brushing up on Small Unit Tactics this month in my training.

Here are a few lessons I have been reviewing.

Note: These vids are very basic and to the point but will give you a general ideal.

Also, I have never trained with any of the companies or people in these vids, nor am I being paid to endorse them.

I simply did a cursory search for some vids with solid SUT information and this is what I found.

I also highly Recommend having dog eared copies of the following manuals on hand to refer back too and study frequently:

  • SH21-75 The Ranger Handbook, 1992 Edition or 2006 ed.

  • FM 7-8 The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, 1992 ed.


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Civilian Operator 101: Mantracking


How to Track a Human

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Here is another good article on Tracking/Counter-Tracking from the Small Unit Perspective (You can download the entire .pdf from the link below)

Visual Tracking and the Military Tracking Team Capability: A Disappearing Skill and Misunderstood Capability

Some other good books on the subject:

  • Combat Tracking Guide by John Hurth
  • SAS Guide to Tracking by Bob Carss
  • Tracking: Signs of Man – Signs of Hope by David Diaz
  • Tracking Humans by David Diaz

As far as actually LEARNING the skill-set, you gotta get out in the field to do that.

I would highly recommend Tony Nester over at Ancient Pathways. Tony is the real deal and offers a Top notch program all the way around.

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Examining Guerilla Warfare Tactics: Assaulting a Fixed Position


Small Unit Tactics: Assault on a Fixed Fortified Position

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Another basic primer on SUT.

I will warn you though, this is a tactic that unless dire circumstances call for or your numbers are superior, I would avoid if possible.

Remember the strength of a small guerilla force is to harass and wear down by attrition, taking on fixed enemy strong points head on is more suited for large company sized and larger conventional units with artillery and air support.


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Examining Guerilla Warfare Tactics: Three Man Urban Hunter Teams


Small Unit Tactics: Three-Man Urban Hunter Teams

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Excellent primer with some historical background on some variations on what can be accomplished with a dedicated small team of guerilla fighters.


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