Shotty Corner: The Nightstick SFL Forend Light

The Nightstick SFL — A New Shotgun Forend Light


Every weapon used for self-defense needs a light on it. Period. Regardless if it is a handgun, rifle or shotty.

Before these nifty shotgun forend gadgets came along back in the day I used a basic picatinny mount for a Streamlight TL-3 Flashlight and a curly cord pressure switch!

It worked great and I ran it for years and years with no problems.

Bottom line guys is the the Nightstick SFL combined with the Streamlight TL-Racker are the two best budget friendly options for shotty forends, priced out at between $100-150 for the LIGHT only model.

Not sure why you would need a laser on a Shotgun? But if you want to pay the extra money for it, go right ahead.

The Streamlight TL-Racker is rated at 1,000 Lumens while the Nightstick SFL is rated at 1,200.

I think the determing factor between these two will be DURABILITY and how well they handle the punishment of multiple rounds of 00 Buckshot.

Stay Tuned for a Field Test Comparison.


New Shotgun Forend Light/Laser Combo from Nightstick

SFL Lights and Lasers: Shotgun Illumination from Nightstick (Without Weirdness)


Bad things and bad people come out at night.

Therefore every serious gun you own for “social issues” needs a light on it.

Especially your Home Defense Shotgun.

Not sure the price point on these, but if they are to be comparable to Streamlights Racker I am guessing somewhere in the $100-$125 range.

I could care less about a laser on a shotgun and I hope they offer a model without it because if that is what is going to drive up the price I will just stick with the Streamlight Racker currently in use on my Remington 870.