Are You Prepared to be an Outlaw?

From the Archives, 2018

Oregon’s New Red Flag Law: State Confiscates Nearly 50 Gun Owners’ Guns


Note that a majority of the guns “confiscated” in the above picture (ie, illegally taken from peoples homes) are bolt action hunting rifles?

Just goes to show that when they come for your guns, they are not just coming for the “evil black rifles”, they are coming for all of them.

We are fast approaching a day when being “Law Abiding” is no longer an option for the true Patriot, why? Because the “Laws” (at least when it comes to Firearm Ownership) are Unconstitutional, Immoral and Dangerous!

There is historical precedent for this line of thinking going back 250+ years:

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” -Thomas Jefferson

“One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also remember that when unjust people populate the corridors of power, the “Law” is just another weapon for them to execute their immoral will.

Laws to Corrupt Politicians and Leaders are just another tool of tyranny.

So again I ask you: Are you prepared to be an “Outlaw?”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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A Story to Make You Thankful for your 2A Rights!


I am all for non-lethal devices like pepper-spray for women (and men) to protect themselves but that is not the real reason I wanted to post this story.

The real reason is I want all the women (and men) here in America to be thankful at how BLESSED you are to be able to carry a gun for self-defense! (Well, a majority of America!)

These poor women in Europe have no choice but to carry pepper spray! That is their only option! Heck, even carrying a knife carries a stiff jail sentence.

Consider if those women in Europe could carry a gun on the street for self-defense.

You think there would be as many rapes as there are? Absolutely not. Because all it would take is a few DEAD muslim rapist in the news for these POS to get the hint that women are not to be messed with.

Be Thankful for your Second Amendment Rights folks! Fight for them Everyday!

Because if you don’t some spineless politician will take them away and you will end up like these poor souls in Europe!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Why The Mom and Pop Gun Store Will Always Be the Backbone of the 2A


So recently the big news on the gun control front was that the big national sporting goods chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, would STOP selling AR-15 type Rifles and RAISE the age limit to buy Long guns from 18 to 21 years of age. In true spineless corporate fashion, L.L Bean, Wal-Mart and Kroger (Fred Meyer Stores) announced they would  also be raising the age limit from 18 to 21 for long gun purchases. Kroger went so far as to announce they would discontinue the sale of firearms completely in their Fred Meyer locations. If you have been keeping up, this really isn’t that big a piece of news. Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling AR-15 Rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Listen folks, as long as you put faith in these Corporate goons like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Ed Stack who is reported to be worth a cool $1.2 BILLION to look out for your Second Amendment rights you are going to be let down. Why? Because they are public companies, traded on the NYSE and as such, are beholden to New York and International  liberal shareholders and boards whims and opinions. In other words folks, this move has nothing to do with “morals” or ‘Doing the right thing because of those kids”, it is because of profit margins and not pissing off liberal shareholders who threatened to pull their 5 and 10% stakes in the company if this wasn’t done. Simple economics always explains most things in the business world, not morality.

The only hope we gun owners have is the small, NON-CORPORATE “Mom and Pop” Gun store. Almost every town of any size has one and they need our patronage! These small businesses have always been there for us. They don’t sway in the political winds of change. They do not fall prey to the latest trends. They simply stay rock solid through it all. Because after all, they could give two craps about people’s “Opinions”, because in the economy of small business, they, the owner and operator, control the purse strings, not a board of directors or a small group of investors. When you look at it from a broad perspective, this is the reason the small, non-corporate business ENCAPSULATES the true Democratic ideal of freedom.

So my fellow gun owners, make your decision now who you are going to patronize for your next gun or ammo purchase. Remember the list above of retailers and the decisions they have already made and ask yourself “Do I really want to support a company with these kind’s of beliefs?”

To me, the answer is crystal clear. Hell No!

Stay Dangerous!

Dose of Truth – Flashback 30 Years: Guns Were in Schools … and Nothing Happened

The millennial generation might be surprised to learn that theirs is the first withoutguns in school. Just 30 years ago, high school kids rode the bus with rifles and shot their guns at high school rifle ranges.

After another school shooting, it’s time to ask: what changed?

Cross guns off the list of things that changed in thirty years. In 1985, semi-automatic rifles existed, and a semi-automatic rifle was used in Florida. Guns didn’t suddenly decide to visit mayhem on schools. Guns can’t decide.

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