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NM Sheriff Willing To Face Contempt Charge Over Red Flag Law

This is what I Hoped it would come too…now we need him to Win so it can set legal precedent.

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Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace says law enforcement across New Mexico are opposed to the red flag bill, and he’s willing to go to court to fight it.
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U.S. Marines Slightly Loosen Gun Restrictions for Select Corps Personnel

U.S. Marines ‘Slightly’ Loosen Gun Restrictions for Select Corps Personnel


Notice the word SLIGHTLY is emphasized here because basically all this ‘law’ does is re-emphasize a law that is already on the books (Military Personnel who hold Law Enforcement positions may carry concealed on a military base.)

What it does not do is make it LEGAL for ANY Active Duty Military Personnel to carry a concealed weapon on base.

I am of the opinion that if you are an active duty military member you DO NOT NEED a license issued by a State agency to carry a Firearm on a U.S. Govt military base!

It’s bureaucratic, politically correct idiocy like this that continues to get innocent people killed.

Once Again, as the latest Church Shooting proves: Bad Guys do not give a shit about Gun Free Zones, and yes, unfortunately that includes U.S. Military bases.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Gun Confiscation IS The Goal: NY Veteran In Standoff With Police After Instagram Post

How many different ways are there to say STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA?

Yet Another story to warn us of things to come.

Prepare Now or Pay Later.


Make no mistake- gun confiscation is the goal. But its not simply confiscation, its targeting anyone with skills to make them more dangerous for disarmament. And the pilot of this program is right at home in states like MD, NJ, CA and NY. 16 more words

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Something to Consider…

There is a lot of that going around Lindsey in case you have not heard…..There is this thing called RED FLAG LAWS where you can take away Somebody’s FIREARMS Based purely on hearsay, so how about we do something about that First?