Enhanced Firearm Background Checks for 18 to 20 Year Olds is Unconstitutional Horse Shit

FBI Announces “Enhanced” Firearm Background Checks For Young Adults To Start Next Week


Personally, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for any kind of Second Amendment Infringement but to be honest with you, what does that really matter now?

Beginning in 1934 with the National Firearms Act we (the people) began to set a standard and ALLOW these POS Politicians to trample all over the Second Amendment in the name of (wait for it) ‘Public Safety.’

At the rate they are dissecting and diluting the 2A, in another 10 years it will cease to exist, and it’s all because we gave the bastards in D.C. the leeway to do it.

Never forget that.



“It’s Become A Political Arm Of White House”: ATF Gun Store Revocations Hit 16-Year High

Ban the ATF

Scattered Shots

From ZH

Under the Biden-Harris administration, there has been a considerable rise in gun stores having their licenses revoked by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The Tracereported that 92 Federal Firearm Licenses (FFLs) had been pulled so far this year — this is the highest number since 2008.

And comes nearly a year and a half after President Bidendeclaredwar on ‘rogue gun dealers.’

“The numbers provide the first indication that federal investigators have cracked down on lawbreaking gun dealers following guidance from the Biden administration ordering the agency to take a stricter tack during inspections,” Trace said.

The revoked 92 FFLs account for 1.3% of all the gun shops inspected. The revocation rate under Biden has skyrocketed to the highest in 16 years.

“The pandemic hobbled the ATF’s ability to conduct compliance inspections at gun stores, and the total number of inspections has…

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And Then There Were 23…

And Then There Were 23


Alabama joined the family of Constitutional Carry states, or at least it will as soon as the law goes into effect on January 1, 2023, and it is joined by Ohio where Gov. Mike Dewine signed their bill into law, effective June 12, 2022. Indiana’s law is sitting on its Governor’s desk waiting to be signed.

Georgia has also just passed their Constitutional Carry Bill through the House and is waiting on Senate ratification.

Slow and steady wins the race.


Remington Offers $33 Million Settlement to Families of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

Remington Offers $33 Million Settlement to Families of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims


Dumb Move Remington.👎

You deserve to go Bankrupt (a third time) for this Bullshit.

Offering a settlement is tantamount to pleading Guilty, regardless of the wording by the lawyers.

This set’s a REALLY BAD legal precedent to Bankrupt Gun (and eventually Ammo) Manufacturers.

Adam Lanza was the one guilty of cold-blooded murder, how about going after his family and Estate in a civil suit for $33 Million? No, never gonna happen, much easier to go after the Corporate Deep pockets.

So if we use the same logic as what is presented here in this feeble case, people can begin to sue spoon manufacturers for obesity and diabetes?

Clown World 2021. 🤡

Texas News: Gov. Abbott Signs HB1927: Makes Texas 21st Constitutional Carry State

Gov. Abbott Signs HB1927: Makes Texas 21st Constitutional Carry State


So we BANNED abortions and can now Carry a Gun without “permission”, now all we have to do is Secede from this jackass Union and Build that Border Wall and things will start looking normal around here again!