SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant

SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant


I don’t know about you but the term “Community Caretaking” never sat right with me, most likely because it originated from Socialist ideology that the STATE knew what was best for individuals and the POLICE act as the arm of the STATE.

That is why this landmark decision needs to be applied across the board regarding Red Flag Laws; the unjustified, unconstitutional process of seizing a citizen’s firearms without warrant based solely on ACCUSATION OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

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Idaho Governor signs law preventing State from enforcing Biden’s gun control proposals

It’s time for all States to Stand up to this Federal Tyranny and Unconstitutional non-sense.

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Back at the end of April, in anticipation of Joe Biden’s expected gun control Executive Actions, Montana’s Governor signed a bill into law which would protect his residents from said actions. At that time we learned there were 12 other States that were preparing legislation along the same lines and now, according to this story, another State has followed suit. Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a law to prohibit Joe Biden’s gun control Executive Orders from being enforced. Here is more:

Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) signed legislation Monday to prohibit enforcement of the executive actions for gun control put forth by President Joe Biden.

One outworking of those executive actions has been the Department of Justice’s attempt to reclassify certain gun parts kits as “firearms.”

The executive actions are also expected to lead to DOJ action against AR-pistols with stabilizer braces.

The new law is retroactive to January 20…

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Texas News: Texas Constitutional Carry Coming Soon

Texas Senate Committee Recommends Passage of Constitutional Carry


This has been Long Overdue, Let’s get her done!

Texas News: More Pro-Second Amendment Bills Moving in the Texas Senate and House

More Pro-Second Amendment Bills Moving in the Texas Senate and House


Let’s keep that State’s Rights Freedom Train rolling right over Federal tyranny that seeks to destroy the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution as a whole!

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Now That’s A Lot Of Guns..

The best catalyst for gun sales and the growth of the Firearms Industry is a Communist in office!

The Firearms Industry grew 158% during Obama’s tenure as President from 2008-2016.

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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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