Another Win for 1A and Christian Faith in Public Schools

Supreme Court sides with former Bremerton, Wash., High School football coach, ruling he has Constitutional right to pray on field

Just shows how far downhill we have went as a society when a coach praying with a group of kids at a Football game is seen as a problem.

Another Win for the First Amendment and Decent Christian Folk!




SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant

SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant


I don’t know about you but the term “Community Caretaking” never sat right with me, most likely because it originated from Socialist ideology that the STATE knew what was best for individuals and the POLICE act as the arm of the STATE.

That is why this landmark decision needs to be applied across the board regarding Red Flag Laws; the unjustified, unconstitutional process of seizing a citizen’s firearms without warrant based solely on ACCUSATION OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Bill Has Come Due



The Time for Talk is over.

Now is a time for ACTION, not WORDS.

The SCOTUS traitors had their chance for Justice and Civility.

They chose WAR instead.

For all my Fellow Texans talking about Secession, Do you honestly think this cancerous cabal of Traitorous, Seditious Communist in Washington are going to let us Separate Peacefully and Leave us Alone?

It’s February 1, 1861 v2.0

Prepare for War.