SKS Collecting And Identification: A Buyer’s Guide

SKS Collecting And Identification: A Buyer’s Guide


I had a C&R License (FFL 03) for around twenty years off and on back in the “golden era” when you could find plenty of German and Yugo Mausers, Lee- Enfields, Mosin-Nagants, Swiss K-31’s and Norinco and Russian SKS’s all for very reasonable prices.

It was a great way to learn about firearms, improve your gusnmithing skill-set (I taught myself how to repair Mausers this way) and amass a nice “collection” of very usable military weaponry including pistols and revolvers.

One of the many perks of having a C&R License is you get the weapon delivered directly to your home without the need of a Gun Dealer as a middleman. I cannot tell you the excitement of seeing the Big Brown Truck of Joy come rumbling up the road!

Know Your Weapons: The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century

The SKS Carbine is Still Viable After a Quarter Century


For the doubters out there my kids when they were 12 years old could hit 5 gallon buckets with open sights at three hundred yards with every flavor of SKS: Norinco, Russian and Yugo.

That’s minute of man accurate packaged in a tough, dependable rifle.

Nuff’ said.