2A News: 4473 Ruled Unconstitutional


Bottom Line: A West Texas Judge ruled that when a person is under indictment that does not forbid that person from purchasing a firearm, only when that person has been CONVICTED of a Crime are they technically a “Felon”.

This is a HUGE win from the perspective of the LETTER and SPIRIT of the Law (The Second Amendment) being that we are living in in a overly litigious society where Grand Juries will hand down indictments very quickly and easily which may cause a person’s Second Amendment right to be forfeited without sufficient time and evidence.

A Huge Win for those who Believe Every Word of the Second Amendment, especially the “Shall Not be Infringed” part!

Stay Armed and Dangerous!


UPS New Gun Shipping Rule

More Back Door Firearm Harassment.

Scattered Shots

From ZeroHedge

United Parcel Service (UPS), one of the largest US package delivery companies, has changed shipping regulations that will hurt small to medium-sized gun manufacturers.

AmmoLand Newsobtained a letter that UPS sent customers in the firearms industry specifying how as of Aug. 29, shipments of at least 50 handguns per day had to be sustained to use its 2nd Day Air service. Sellers who did not meet new service volume requirements risk losing their shipping accounts.

“Under the new agreement, UPS is only required to give customers a ten-day notice before cutting them off from the shipping service,” AmmoLand’s John Crump said.

Crump explained: “The volume necessary means that most online retailers and manufacturers are now cut off from shipping guns through the carrier unless the handgun is shipped using the expensive Next Day Air service.”

UPS told customers it “updated its policy to adhere to nationwide regulations…

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Welcome to the Real World Dumbass

Baltimore man who painted hundreds of “No Shoot Zones” on sidewalks and buildings around the city shot Tuesday morning in East Baltimore


Yeah Painting something on a wall is cute until the bullet’s start flying.

When will you ASSHAT’S learn that these thugs could give two shit’s about your GUN FREE or NO SHOOT ZONES?

Arm Yourself and Prepare Accordingly if you Want to Live.


10 Times a Good Guy With a Gun Saved Lives

10 Times a Good Guy With a Gun Saved Lives


With Modern History being manipulated by the MSM it’s important to remind ourselves of this FACT:


Good People with Guns Save Lives!




Breaking the “Rules” to Save Lives



Greenwood Park Mall had policy against weapons ahead of Sunday shooting

Grateful for his heroism’: Man stopped Indiana mall shooter in 15 seconds

I wrote a short essay a while back entitled “Are You Prepared to be an Outlaw?” in response to increasing corrupt legal pressure on Law Abiding Gun Owners.

When unjust people populate the corridors of power, their “Laws” are just another weapon for them to execute their immoral will.

Carry 24/7 or Guess Right and Yes that includes Places such as Gun Free Zones!

This man’s willingness to STAY ARMED and not allow some Dipshit Mall Executive to DENY him his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE ARMED, SAVED LIVES!