Assholes and Stun Guns

During the MAGA March yesterday in Washington D.C BLM and ANTIFA can be seen attacking Trump Supporters with Stun Guns.


Speaking for myself, If I am armed and a crowd of these morons come at me and my family with stun guns, I am dropping them.

Consider what could happen if they rendered you unconscious with those things and then got your weapon…not a pretty thought.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Saving Yourself in a Crowd

Saving Yourself in a Crowd

With the current rash of crowd/mob behavior, this is good information to store away in the hard drive.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Riot Triangle

Personally, I like the ideal of these antifa and BLM asshats coming into white rural America to start some shit.

The problem would be fixed very quickly I assure you.



It is interesting that these riots are happening in Progressive lead cities. It is also interesting that these rioters as yet, are not rioting in suburbia or rural America. Why? Maybe because of optics. What would happen if the optics ended? Many of us were Boy or Girl scouts where we first learned about the Fire…

The Riot Triangle — American Partisan