Shooting Mechanics: The Tactical Chicken Wing

The Tactical Chicken Wing


A great example of a technique more suited for competitive and sport shooting but not the modern tactical battlefield.

Train Often and Realistically.


(Note the Elbow Position in the above and below photo)


Rifleman Training Twofer from Von Steuben

Rates of Fire for the Rifleman


Reed and Heed.

“Weapons employment and squad firepower are not determined by how fast Marines can fire their weapons but how fast they can fire accurately.

So how does this translate into practice? Simple; the rifleman’s rate of fire is as quickly as he can aim down his sights, squeeze off an accurate shot, acquire another sight picture, and squeeze off another accurate shot. That’s all you need to remember. This technique naturally adjusts the rate of fire to different ranges. It will take you longer to line up a shot at greater ranges, which means that your rate of fire at greater ranges is decreased. Conversely, your rate of fire increases as the distance to your target decreases.


Priorities of Purchase; Progressively Building a Rifleman’s Kit on a Budget


The Cornerstone for a Small Partisan Unit to be effective is this:

Every Man a Rifleman, FIRST AND FOREMOST!

Think Practical, not Tactical and Get Your Kit Built Today!



Rifle Corner: High Angle Shooting



Reaper Tips: High-angle shooting

Bullet Trajectory: Shooting Downhill and Uphill


Great reference articles.

This is a SKILL SET most rifleman neglect.

Do yourself a favor and devote some time to this.

Understanding Ballistics is what seperates a GOOD shooter from a GREAT one.

Long Distance Shooting is a HIGHLY PERISHABLE SKILL!


Start em’ Early!

Dad trains his daughter how to handle her firearm (awesome)…


If you got youngsters in your family, take them shooting and get them interested in firearms NOW, especially riflemanship.

There is no better investment in their future or the future of this country, take my word on that.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Deadliest Marksman’s Cold, Brave Stand

The Deadliest Marksman’s Cold, Brave Stand

Who gives two shits about the number of kills? 500 or 200, it’s BEYOND AMAZING the guy did it with IRON SIGHTS in Below Zero temps!

This is one of the most amazing stories of partisan resilience on historical record. Let’s all learn something from it.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!