AK Corner: Poor Man’s EO-Tech


Sonny Puzikas was the first person I heard use the term “Poor Man’s EO-Tech” in relation to the front-sight aperture on an AK many moons ago.

Coming from the AR school of thought, I was not sold on the ideal that you could neglect your rear sights and still make accurate shots.

I was soon proven wrong and shown how at 50+ yards this technique could put Combat Accurate (not sub-MOA groups) rounds on target, aka “Snap Shots”.

(Snap-Shot Sight Picture)

Emergency Shooting Positions



Remember in a gunfight COVER=LIFE!

DO NOT Neglect the ability to shoot from behind cover with either shoulder while keeping all appendages hidden!

I have Always Began my Rifle Drills with the 4 Position Warm-Up.

4 rds from Each Position at 100 yds: Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone.

Remember to Incorporate Movement and Cover in your Drills.

Gunfights are not Static!

People Tend to move when they are getting shot at.

The Marine Corps SOTG M4 Qual – Get MEU Ready

The Marine Corps SOTG M4 Qual – Get MEU Ready


50 yards, 50 rounds, 2 Magazines, 2 Targets and a shot timer.

This is a challenging dynamic qual to up your CQB shooting.

If you really want to put some hair on your nuts, try running this with a transition to pistol thrown in.


Rifle Drills: Shooting from Behind Cover w/Transitions

This is a drill I include in my tune-up’s as it is a KEY skill in combat shooting.

COVER=LIFE, so we must always conform ourselves to stay BEHIND the cover and shoot accurately.

Knowing how to quickly and efficiently switch your rifle from right to left shoulder is critical.


Understanding Mechanical Offset: Skills, Drills & Solutions


Understanding Mechanical Offset: Skill Drills & Solutions


I have been rehashing some old rifle drills and this one came up.

A VERY important skill-set to review, know and practice for those times when you may have to grab a rifle for home defense or CQ fighting.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!