.44 Magnum Concealed Carry

.44 Magnum Concealed Carry


“Carry the biggest gun you can tote comfortably and shoot accurately. The reason being is if it is not Comfortable you will leave it at home in the gun safe instead of having it in your pants when you need it and if you can’t shoot it accurately, well, what are we really talking about carrying a gun for?” –Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch.


It all comes down to manual of arms and PRACTICE.

Yeah six rounds of .44 Mag should do the trick against any foe, two or four legged.

IF you can put the rounds where you need them to be ACCURATELY under STRESS.


Hardin’s Deadly Tools

Hardin’s Deadly Tools


As a proud Texan I have always had a fascination with John Wesley Hardin.

This article is spot-on accurate when it comes to the details of Hardin’s last “gunfight” in the Acme saloon. This was surprsingly not an uncommon tactic by men wearing a tin star in the Old West when it came to facing known “gunhands” or gunfighters.

The so-called “lawmen” would seek to take the chance out of the confrontation and just flat our murder the man without a word being said thus ensuring that history would be written by the victors.

If you want to read some original short fiction by yours truly based on Hardin’s early life, check out Of Kith and Kin.


Colt M1877 Revolver



You can never learn enough about the six-gun in my opinion, especially if you are a western writer!

Anybody who has ever tried to fire a double action revolver accurately, take a close look at John Wesley Hardin’s perforated playing cards.

Amazing stuff.