Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022

Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022


Some of the Top Headlines from FUSA involving the overt Invasion of the United States and the resulting Criminal Insurgency that is ongoing.

The Ruling Class is Punishing Middle America with Flood of Afghan Evacuees

Nail on the head article about the social engineering debacle currently being committed by the neo-liberal globalist.

“Changing the face, color and crime statistics of the Middle Class American landscape one plane load at a time.”

It never fails, Liberals will fall over themsleves to give these people their “Human Rights” but in reality are just Enabling Jihad by Migration.


Two Major Refugee Contractors Receive Millions to Move Illegal Aliens from the Border to Interior US

Two Major Refugee Contractors Receive Millions to Move Illegal Aliens from the Border to Interior US


**In case you are new to RRW, here are all of the contractors.

They worked to ‘elect’ Biden/Harris and lobby for open borders.

As taxpayers you pay them millions annually to change America by changing the people.

Americans Last is their motto!


Stay Alert, Informed, Armed and Dangerous!

Trump Administration on Target to Reach 30,000 Refugee Cap for the Year

Texas Tops the List as #1 State for Refugee Resettlement. Joy.🤬🖕

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

There has been a lot of squawking from the refugee industry of late demanding admission of the full 30,000 refugees that the Trump Administration set as its ceiling for FY19, and it looks like they will get pretty close.

But, first a little housekeeping.  I am working on restoring Refugee Resettlement Watch but my helper has been very busy so it is taking longer than I had hoped.

In the meantime, I’ll bring you some refugee news here at Frauds and Crooks.  I have already been reporting some of the news about the refugee contractors*** demand for 95,000 refugees for the new fiscal year (FY2020 begins on October 1 of this year).

Today I’m updating numbers and nationalities of this year’s refugee crop.

Also, several readers at Facebook and some readers here tell me that yesterday’s post about those creeps who taunted an old white ladyin a Chicago…

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