Dose of Truth: The “Future” of War is Now


If any of you have ever read the book Ghost Fleet by P.W. Singer you would realize with a chill down your spine that more and more things listed in that fictional work regarding Military Technology is beginning to unfold  right before our eyes.

The recent unveiling of China’s new Dark Sword Drone makes the 4GW tactic of “Drone Swarming” more realistic than ever.

The book’s primary goal is not just a fictional account of World War 3, but how a future conflict with China and Russia will most likely LOOK LIKE, and by that I mean in the parameters of 4th Generation Warfare Tactics.

Not only will Technology play a major role but also the MANNER in which a future war will be waged, (false flag events, proxy military actions, fake news, unconventional warfare tactics,  etc.)

I urge all martial civilians to get familiar with these tactics and technology because who knows, one day we might, like the Wolverines in Red Dawn, find ourselves ‘smack dab in the middle of World War Three.’

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


John Milius Netflix Documentary

One thing that grabs my attention is anything and everything  that pisses LIBERALS off… That is why I was so pleasantly surprised to see a Netflix Documentary on one of my favorite writers and directors in leftist Hollywood: John Milius.  Milius is responsible for such awesome and timeless movies as Dirty Harry, Apocalypse NowJeremiah JohnsonThe Wind and the Lion, Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn to name a few. Everybody can name some movies that were influential on them in some way; for me that was almost all of  John Milius’ films.

I mean what gun-lover and conservative could ever forget Red Dawn for God’s sake! That movie was responsible for me getting my first AK-47! or how about Conan the Barbarian, a movie which was responsible for being the fore-runner of all the fantasy movies that would follow such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Game of Thrones to name a couple.

Most people who consider themselves true movie fans often have no ideal who John Milius is or that he is responsible for some of the most popular LINES in Hollywood movies.



From Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore’s awesome line in Apocalypse Now:

To Eastwood’s infamous “Dirty Harry” Line:

and last but not least Schwartzenegger’s movie debut in Conan:

Milius is probally one of the most creative writers to EVER come out of Hollywood. But what makes him really special IMO is his tendency to always swim AGAINST the stream of liberal Hollywood, constantly promoting conservative ideals and gun rights (Milius did a plethora of  NRA ads) and in the process getting himself virtually “blacklisted” and unable to find work.

Do yourself a favor and watch the Milius Documentary on Netflix, if you are like me you will find it refreshing and inspirational to see such a talented, creative person, who refuses to abandon his conservative beliefs, despite being surrounded by lefty’s at every turn, and in the process, create some of the best scenes and lines in cinematic history.

Stay Dangerous!