Know Your History: The Origin of ‘Christmas Pudding’

Christmas Pudding: Savor the Flavor of Ancient Tradition!


“The earliest records of Christmas pudding can be traced back to the 14th century. Back then, Christmas pudding was actually known as a unique porridge called frumenty. Frumenty was a thick wheat porridge typically made with beef, mutton, meat broth, eggs, currants, prunes, raisinswines, and spices. 

Some families would prefer it without meat on meatless religious days, which involved cooking it with milk rather than meat broth. Wheat would be boiled until it was tender and mixed with the other ingredients to thicken it into a savory, warm porridge perfect for a chilly Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning in some areas.

Over time, frumenty evolved closer and closer to the Christmas pudding we know and love today. Around the 16th century, the original recipe was taken and adjusted to be even thicker than before. Additional eggs, breadcrumbs, dried fruit, and spirits were incorporated into the dish to make it more like a thick pudding rather than a porridge.”



Self-Sufficiency DIY: Laundry Soap

Self-Sufficiency Sundays: Laundry Soap


My plan is (time permitting) to post a series of basic formulations and recipes for every day products you use around your home that work as well – or better – than the commercial ones you buy at your friendly big box store, and other tips towards moving towards a more holistic, self-sufficient life style – even if you live in an urban or suburban environment.

Why go to the bother of making your own laundry soap?  Well, there are several very good reasons for making the extra effort towards being more self-sufficient and weaning yourself from the mega-corporations.

You control the ingredients that go into homemade laundry soap. I had gotten lazy and stopped bothering to make my own, until one of my grandchildren had some pretty dramatic skin reactions to the “hypo-allergenic” laundry detergent from a well-known mega brand I had bought. Back to making my own! 


On the Menu: Smothered Squirrel


Besides Archery Season for Deer, Squirrel Season is in Full Swing as Well, and this Cajun Gentleman, StaleKracker has got it going on with an awesome Smothered Squirrel Recipe. 👍

Listen Folks, when the Grocery Bill starts looking like your Mortgage you need to start thinking about “Alternative” Means of Putting Groceries on the table!

Hunting, Fishing and Gardening.

Learn it. Love It.



1867 German Army “Iron Ration” Erbswurst – DIY Recipe and Story

1867 German Army “Iron Ration” Erbswurst – DIY Recipe and Story


There’s going to be a critical need for making shelf stable foods like Erbswurst and Pemmican, and its a heck of a good skill to have on top of salt curing meat. How was it done before refrigeration?

You been to the Grocery Store lately? Rising Prices and Supply Issues should concern you.

Prepare Accordingly.