What Was Old Will Be New Again

What Was Old Will Be New Again


Some rock solid wisdom from Phil over at Bustednuckles Blog.

Reminds me of  something I wrote called “The Ice-Cube Tray Mentality”.

Read Up and Apply Liberally to Effected Area.

Open Letter to Nobody in Particular

Wicked Wit from the Seax.

Apply generously to Effected Area.


The Serpent's Loft

The Slav War is a bit that’s going to keep the pigs in the pen after the MooGooDoomCoof has become unmarketable. Finally. We’ve been fattening the curve for 2 years, it now shops at Wal-Mart with a scooty chair. Worst apocalypse script writing yet. 2/10, would not recommend. Now we have the Gopnikocalypse. Um. Dos Vidalias. They say that over there, yeah?

Blond hair, don’t care.






Ah, but I’ll tell you what I do care about. Being nickel and dimed to death. Death by a thousand shekels. Falling. Like pennies from heaven cutting midgets in half. Midgets, bleeding. Nobody cared about them. Dwarf lives matter, yo. Seriøsly. Can we just stop and appreciate that Gimli was getting his life back together?

I care about my toddler. My beautiful baby boy who, still against all hope, laughs at all my incredibly crass and sometimes violently decompressive…

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The Strategic Virtues of Racism

The Strategic Virtues of Racism

“Racism is nothing more, and nothing less, than the defense of one’s own people. It has nothing to do with skin color, hate, or any of the other globalist lies. To be anti-racist, to smugly declare that “you don’t see color”, is to literally and materially accede to the conquest and destruction of your self, your family, and your nation.”


Reject Modernity. Reject Wokeness.

Love Your Race.


Situational Awareness (What NOT To Do)

**VOLUME WARNING** (Really Annoying Loud Music)


Keep Your Eye on Guy on the Far Right in Blue Shirt

Another Real World Lesson to Keep Your Head Out of Your Damn Phone!