Nine Meals From Anarchy Explained

Nine Meals From Anarchy Explained


 In 1906, Alfred Henry Lewis stated, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” Since then, his observation has been echoed by people as disparate as Robert Heinlein and Leon Trotsky.

The key here is that, unlike all other commodities, food is the one essential that cannot be postponed. If there were a shortage of, say, shoes, we could make do for months or even years. A shortage of gasoline would be worse, but we could survive it, through mass transport or even walking, if necessary.

But food is different. If there were an interruption in the supply of food, fear would set in immediately. And, if the resumption of the food supply were uncertain, the fear would become pronounced. After only nine missed meals, it’s not unlikely that we’d panic and be prepared to commit a crime to acquire food. If we were to see our neighbour with a loaf of bread, and we owned a gun, we might well say, “I’m sorry, you’re a good neighbour and we’ve been friends for years, but my children haven’t eaten today – I have to have that bread – even if I have to shoot you.”

But surely, there’s no need to speculate on this concern. There’s nothing on the evening news to suggest that such a problem even might be on the horizon. So, let’s have a closer look at the actual food distribution industry, compare it to the present direction of the economy, and see whether there might be reason for concern.

The food industry typically operates on very small margins – often below 2%. Traditionally, wholesalers and retailers have relied on a two-week turnaround of supply and anywhere up to a 30-day payment plan. But an increasing tightening of the economic system for the last eight years has resulted in a turnaround time of just three days for both supply and payment for many in the industry. This a system that’s still fully operative, but with no further wiggle room, should it take a significant further hit.


“Died Suddenly”: Anti-vaxx documentary on fibrous clots goes viral…

“Died Suddenly”: Anti-vaxx documentary on fibrous clots goes viral…


Although in my humble opinion if it took you this long to wake up your chances of survival from her on out are slim to none, having said that, as long as there is breath in your lungs, there is Hope.

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Article of the Week: Life WROL (Without Rule of Law)

Proactive Pest Removal


Very incisive article about what is to come very shortly.

Ask yourself: Are you prepared MENTALLY for what is about to happen?

if Not, Prepare NOW, because as the article states, you don’t get any MULLIGANS once the PURGE horn sounds.



The Ultimate FUSA Reality Check


Let’s do a recap of the Martha’s Vineyard drama, shall we?


Texas governor buses migrants to VP Kamala Harris’ residence

Yep it’s all Bleeding Heart Liberalism and Canned Speeches about “No Borders on being Human” until 48 hungry wetbacks show up on your front porch.

Kudos to Governor Abbott and DeSantis for dishing out a SMALL Reality Check to the East Coast Liberal Elite of what a majority of Texans and people who live in the Border States have to deal with EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK, 365 Days of the Year!








Observations of a Proud Southern White Man #2


I can understand the campaign currently underway by those on the Moderate and Far Right to discourage the current crop of our our young conservative White youth to NOT join the military. As a Veteran I get it. It’s a leaderless goat rodeo rat ship that is not even a shadow of it’s former self. A lost cause if there ever was one.

But I take exception to the current campaign of COLLEGE EDUCATED political pundits and politicians (God help us!) discouraging the current conservative generation of WHITE youth to NOT go to College. Again, I understand the reasoning of WHY they feel this way. A majority of State and even Private Universities have become WOKE bastions of pussy liberalism, radical black marxism and homosexual/tranny bathroom confused agendas.

But as Scott Greer of American Greatness puts it in his most recent article, Stop Telling Conservative Teens to Not go to College:

“We should tell bright young conservatives to go to college—but to be smart about it. They shouldn’t take on a mammoth amount of debt to go, they should think hard about what they want to do in life, and they should maximize their four years of school to develop themselves. Colleges need to be reformed and downsized. But you don’t accomplish that by telling all conservative teens not to go. It just leaves universities firmly in the hands of the enemy while young conservatives reduce their chances of achieving the American dream. “

The ideal that we should just abandon higher learning to the WOKE communist and Black radicals is ludicrous in my opinion. Yes trade schools where a kid can learn a practical trade and jump right into the workforce is ideal FOR SOME but as parents and responsible Conservative citizens let’s not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water when it comes to promoting a College Education. Barring all the negatives like incurring massive debt while obtaining a useless degree, a College Education still has a lot to offer if done RIGHT, you just need to make sure you have that one all important ingredient that has become something of a rarity these days: GOOD PARENTING AND GUIDANCE.





Been thinking a lot about this enemy tactic lately, especially since the passage of the so-called “Safer Communities Act” which was nothing but a political end around for more unconstituional gun control and red flag laws nationwide. Then to put the icing on the cake of unhinged Federal tyranny we had the Mar-O-Lago fiasco and now the Weaponizing of the IRS! Yeah it’s pretty clear that Team Branden/Liberal World Order/Globo-Homo intend to use Lawfare as one of the main tactics in squashing the competition (ie, ME AND YOU) This will include but not be limited to: Seizing your Weapons via Illegal Search and Seizures and Freezing your Bank Accounts/Assets and Credit Cards (Upon Suspicion of you being a “Domestic Terrorist”)

To put it bluntly, When the LAWMAKER is Unjust and Corrupt, so are the “Laws” he passes.

Welcome to FUSA where the Federal Government is off the rails crazy and drunk with power.

Your only HOPE is to become an OUTLAW and FIGHT for State Sovereignty and Secession where you can DIVORCE Yourself from this Godless, Corrupt Federal cabal.

Prepare Accordingly and Keep your Powder Dry.






Immigrant Crime.

In case you have not noticed, it’s RAMPANT right now. Peruse Illegal Alien Crime Report which by the way collects it’s data from Public Records Arrest reports so it’s not some Far Right propaganda site, it’s just publishing information the MSM would rather stay swept under the rug. Understand folks these are crimes that SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED and were 100% PREVENTABLE. Why? Because the people that committed them should have NEVER BEEN HERE!

The fact this is happening at such a rapid and repeated rate is just another concrete clue that the current administration want’s to BURN DOWN this Country and DESTROY the White Middle and Lower Class (as in have them murdered) as they have admitted is their AIM time and time again.

One can conclude therefore that “Anti-White” is not some Far Right fantasy, but actual GOVERNMENT POLICY!

Stand Up and be Counted or Become another Sad Statistic, the choice is yours.