Black on White Violence Statistics Skewed (Example #10,567)

Black Thug beats 68-year-old man senseless in broad daylight


Combative Basics: Flanking

Random street crime and violence is on the up-tick.

Be prepared to deal with it.


Quick Thinking Self-Defense

In this day and age of Dog Eat Dog you have to be quick on your feet and keep your Awareness Level up if you don’t want to become another hapless victim.

This Gentleman saw the play (attempted carjacking/mugging) and reacted with what was available, which in this case was a Gasoline Pump.

Not even a carjacking criminal high on drugs can ignore being doused in gasoline! Self-Preservation kicked in and they fled!

Balls of Steel!

On April 22, 2021 a cash-in-transit heist failed due to the evasive maneuvers and balls of steel this driver has. By looking at the coordinates displayed on the HUD, we can assume this took place somewhere in Egypt but cannot 100% confirm this as there is no story to be found. As the suspects begin firing at the armored van, the driver keeps his composure extremely calm and passes his rifle to his partner. The driver taking full control of the situation begins maneuvering his vehicle, ultimately pulling a U-Turn and heading straight at the suspects. Warning his partner moments before, “They are going to shoot” as they both brace for what’s about to happen. Multiple shots make contact with the armored van as the by-pass the suspects car approaching, but luckily neither of them were hit. Unfortunately the footage cuts off a few seconds after they pass the armed suspects, but the driver exited the vehicle what seemed to be safely.

Now this is the way you execute Evasive/Tactical Driving Folks!

Go Right at the Bastards!

If You Carry a Gun, Carry it Loaded!

As a Wise Man once said, an Unloaded Gun is nothing but a Club.

Keep a Round in the Pipe!

The Bad Guy is not going to give you a “time out” to charge your weapon!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!