Let’s Cut the BS about Illegal Alien Crime Once and For All



Ever since the news yesterday of Mollie Tibbett’s body being found and the arrest of that piece of sub-human excrement that killed her, I kept asking myself the same question I have been asking for a few years now: Are we a Nation of Laws or a Nation of Worthless Opinions? It appears, regardless of how much we would like to THNK that President Trump is trying to move the needle in the right direction and not only Build the Wall but also change the FUBAR immigration system in this country, that we are still a nation of asinine, worthless opinions.

Opinions like how “Dreamers” deserve more of a chance at the American dream than actual Americans do? I bet Mollie Tibbetts had dreams. Big ones. I bet she had dreams of graduating college and marrying her longtime boyfriend. Except we will never get to see those dreams fully realized because she was murdered by a man who had no right to be here in the first place. What burns me up, and should burn every American up to their core is the simple fact if this man HAD NOT BEEN PHYSICALLY THERE Mollie Tibbets would most likely be alive today. That is a very simple and direct statement when you are talking about illegal immigrant crime. More than any other crime statistic, the simple act of REMOVING these people from the population (and keeping them removed) decreases their chances of committing crime by 100%. You cannot say that about any other crime demographic for the simple reason that every other class of criminal, if they are American Citizens, has a legal right to be in the United States! Kind of a no-brainer, huh?

So let’s talk about something that exist within the topic of illegal immigrant crime that few, if anybody wants to discuss, especially when it comes to so-called “Sanctuary Cities:” The high proclivity of illegal aliens to commit sexually violent crimes including rape and murder. For some reason, most likely because of that obscene disorder called political correctness (i.e fear of being called a “racist” or worse a “practitioner of identity politics”) this topic goes un-discussed or completely ignored when talking about WHY we need our immigration laws completely rewritten from the top down.  To warrant why this is a necessity for America’s survival, let’s start with a case that happened right here in my home state of Texas in 2016.

The case of Gustavo Zavala-Garcia is now sadly something we hear repetitively in the news; a formerly deported (sometimes up to three or four times) illegal alien with a lengthy criminal record comes back into the United States illegally and commits a heinous crime. Except in this case, this piece of illegal immigrant trash abducted HIS OWN 10 year old cousin by marriage named Kayla Gomez-Orozco from church, raped and murdered her and threw her body down a well.

Or how about this case out of Maryland where a 41-year-old illegal immigrant raped and impregnated a 13-year-old special needs child?

Or How about the unbelievable story or Orlando Vilchez Lazo in California. This POS committed at least four rapes/assaults while working as a LYFT driver in the San Francisco Bay area.

Heard enough Rape and Murder stories yet?

What is really sickening is that all of these cases could have been AVOIDED by simply keeping the worthless bastards out of the United States!

So what do the statistics say about illegal immigrant crime?

Not surprisingly, the media and the left have went to great lengths to hide the real numbers pertaining to this issue, often using semantics and less than honest reporting criteria, including that bastion of spineless liberal dribble and pro-illegal immigration, Princeton University, reporting such news worthy things as “Predation and Victimization of undocumented immigrants?”

Wait a minute. Are we really going to try to pass this off as respectable journalism?

Once again we see the left more concerned with the welfare of illegal Hispanics more than Americans citizens. Welcome to the perverse mentality of diverse globalism.

Newsflash Princeton: After countless numbers of innocent American men, women and children have been raped and murdered by this illegal criminal scum do you think we give two shits about how these people are treated when they come here illegally?

I will be the first to say that I Don’t. Not even a little bit.

The simple fact is this: If illegal aliens don’t like to be “preyed” upon and “victimized” I suggest they stay home and stop preying upon and victimizing American citizens.

That would solve a whole lot of problems in and of itself.

Let’s face it: With these types of crimes occurring more and more frequently combined with Law Enforcement being overwhelmed by the sheer number of incidents, the Martial Citizen has to be prepared to take care of themselves and their families. Take an honest look at you and your loved ones skill sets when it comes to all aspects of self-defense; empty-hand, stick, knife and gun. Make it a point to sharpen those skill set’s now, so when tomorrow comes and the hammer does drop, you are your loved ones are ready!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!