Rant Corner: The Left’s Continued Attempt to Defile and Brainwash our Kids and Young Adults with the LGBTQ Agenda

The much anticipated Part Two of the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie video game Last of Us (designed by Naughty Dog Studios) was just released and it did not take long to see that the “Woke”SJW designers could not resist putting their disgusting stamp on it.

One of the main characters, Ellie, who is now an adult, turns out to be (SURPRISE!) a Lesbian and about oh, 30 minutes into the game has a full on lesbian sex scene with another young woman in an abandoned library. This homosexual “relationship” by the way seems to drive the story line and it is obvious the writers intent was to make it seem as “normal” as possible.

But wait, it get’s worse. Much worse.

Another character in the game shows up called  “Abby” another very “muscular” young woman who is part of a militia group who seem to be hunting Joel.

It is not until the end of the game that you discover Abby is in fact a tranny (a dude dressed up like a woman) and has a full on sex scene with another dude, (more like a prison rape scene to be honest.)

Watch at your own risk HERE

So basically, Tranny Porn is now deemed acceptable for video games?

Is this what is has come to folks?

Is the ultimate goal of the left’s so called “cultural revolution” to defile and brainwash our young adults to think this kind of FILTH is OK?

To morally bankrupt an entire generation with this transgender confusion?

For one thing why is SEXUALITY or GENDER even an issue or part of the narrative with a post-apocalyptic video game about zombies and survival?

The answer is simple. This is a very popular video game franchise with millennials and gen Z and The Left (ie the DNC) wants to divide this country along racial and so called “gender identity” lines to such a degree that we become a fractured failed state where Socialism is the only answer.

If you don’t believe me just go and read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, it’s all in there in black and white.

Stand Up to the Rising Tide and Make America Straight Again!

My One and Only Rant about this Bullshit

I have not been writing a lot on what has been happening in this country (and around the world) for the simple fact I have been too busy with more important things: Like gearing up, training my family and tuning my rifles and sidearms.

Besides, the time for TALK is over IMO. These goons have made that clear.

I know this song and dance, in fact I know the playbook these goons are reading from.

But just for shits and giggles, here it goes:

Marxist, Gender confused soy-boy gangs running with black power thugs on an Anti-White crusade all in the name of another “Justice for another black thug” looting extravaganza at Target while spineless elitist liberal cucks in all areas of Government genuflect and pander for the ghetto vote while Hollyweird morally corrupt white elitist liberals crying on Youtube asking blacks to forgive them? Meanwhile in third urban world shit hole land, you have Mayors and city Councils actually agreeing to de-fund the Police and let the Animals run wild in the streets? Good Luck with that. I have a strong suspicion that all those white lib-turd cucks that were so Anti-2A will soon change their minds when their 12 year old daughter or son get’s corn holed by four ghetto zombies on PCP that just got released from prison and decide to do a home invasion “across tha’ tracks.” Hey also some MORE good news for all the White Middle to Upper Class Constituents in the States where these goons looted and burned their own cities to the ground: Your Taxes are going to go UP to pay to rebuild the cities because the black goons that did it don’t pay taxes, most of them are on disability and welfare! Merry Christmas! It’s Clown World, but hey, it’s about equality right! How’s that White Privilege working for you now?

There is a lot going on here, as in who is helping to finance and coordinate this rodeo, I have my strong suspicions but I will table that for now…the real catalyst for all this BS (and it has zilch to do with systemic racism) is it’s an Election Year! The Democrats FEAR Another Four Years of Donald Trump worse than a flaming case of the Clap and know they don’t have a prayer for 2020 (Groping Joe? Gimme a Break) so they are throwing in behind the only thing with a pulse in the DNC, the Far-Left and their “militant” wing ANTIFA .

When November roles around, Let’s see if these assholes allow free elections to proceed unencumbered. If you know anything about Communist and Black Power militants, they are not big on elections and Democracy in general so don’t hold your breath.

The biggest issue as I see it and very few people have talked about this, is that while the LEFT has fielded their version of street thugs with ANTIFA and BLM, the RIGHT has yet to field theirs in any real numbers, and if history is any indication of what it to be expected, I can promise you WHEN it does happen, things are gonna go WESTERN real fast, as in STACKING bodies on the sidewalk fast, and by then there will be ZERO Cops on the street to “mediate” the violence so get ready, the PURGE siren is about to sound, for better or worse.

Just remember this: It’s Guerilla Warfare 101 right now.

Public Opinion is always going to be with the side who has the most legitimacy for their cause. Point being these goons can virtue signal and scream about systemic racism  until they are blue in the face but As long as THEY are the ones looting and burning private property, assaulting and killing police officers and being a general nuisance to an other wise law abiding society, they will not have massive public support and thus their attempted coup will fail in the long run, as it always has.

Until Then, put your attention to things that matter and Stay Dangerous!

Rant Corner: Do White Lives Matter Anymore?


White Great-Grandmother Set on Fire by Five Blacks in Violent Home Invasion in Georgia

(click on above title for link to story)

State run media will not run stories like this because it flies in the face of the current liberal message that ONLY blacks are victimized in this country and therefore only blacks should get news stories.

I have also noticed that when black-on-white HATE crimes happen DURING your run of the mill home invasion or burglary, Law Enforcement will quickly say it was not a”HATE CRIME”, it was just your run of the mill average homicidal violence perpetrated by black drug addicts and parolees looking for their next fix.

The problem with that is if we reversed the roles and a little ole’ black woman was set on fire by 4 White thugs it would be the HATE CRIME of the century. The only way a story like this MIGHT get public attention is if they set this poor woman was set on fire during a BLM parade in downtown Atlanta, and even then it might be twisted around by propaganda that feeds on white guilt driven by “slave reparations” payments.

This is the monster that has been created by 8 years of Saul Alinsky’s teachings being put into Practice by Barney Hussein.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Rant Corner: Exploiting Dead Cops To Promote Their Killers

I know I promised to keep political articles to a minimum on the blog, but this is a subject that really hits a nerve with me. I have included pictures of all the slain officers Killed in the Line of Duty thus far so People WILL NOT FORGET their lives and sacrifice.



Police Officers Murdered in Dallas (L to R) Michael Kroll, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Smith, Lorne Ahrens.

Police Officers Murdered in Dallas (L to R) Michael Kroll, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Smith, Lorne Ahrens.


Police Officers  Murdered in Baton Rouge (L to R): Brad Garafola, Montrell Jackson, Mattew Gerald.

Police Officers Murdered in Baton Rouge (L to R): Brad Garafola, Montrell Jackson, Mattew Gerald.

In Dallas, Obama mentioned the name of dead sex offender Alton Sterling more times than those of the murdered police officers whom he was pretending to memorialize. After quickly dispensing with the formalities of eulogizing the slain officers, Obama demanded that “even those who dislike the phrase ‘black lives matter’” should “be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling’s family”.

Alton Sterling was a convicted sex offender, burglar and violent criminal who was shot while reaching for a gun. His family may mourn him, just as every criminal’s family mourns their own, but it was obscene to class him together with five police officers who were murdered by a violent racist while doing their duty.

It is even more obscene when Obama’s favorite sex offender displaces the murdered police officers.

And yet that was Obama’s theme in Dallas. Murdered police officers were contrasted with dead criminals. The proper thing for Americans to do, as Obama told us, was to mourn both officers and criminals, to respect the sacrifices of the police and the anti-police accusations of #BlackLivesMatter.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn the murdered police officers, but to defend the ideology that took their lives. And this is what he has done from the very beginning.

Before the shootings, Obama expressed his “condolences for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile” and insisted that the criminal justice system was racist. His statements and speeches after the shootings echoed the same talking points and spin complete with the claims that accusing the police of racism is “not to be against law enforcement”.

“When people say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter”, he famously said.

That’s true. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that blue lives don’t matter. It means that blue lives are evil. As Ta-Nehisi Coates, an author on Obama’s reading list, wrote of the dead police officers who gave their lives on September 11, “They were not human to me.” That’s the kindest thing that the black nationalists whose cause Obama has championed have said of the police.

In a more recent article titled, “The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence”, the MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and son of a Black Panther suggests that black resentment of police makes their murder predictable.

“Sanctimonious cries of nonviolence will not help,” Coates writes. “The extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Walter Scotts and Freddie Grays is the extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Micah Xavier Johnsons.”

It’s the core black nationalist message made more palatable for liberal audiences. Underneath the word games, the attempt to treat the ideological justifications for the mass murder of police as inevitable, is the same message delivered by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, the #BlackLivesMatter supporter who assassinated two NYPD officers, who had posted, “They take 1 of ours…Let’s take 2 of theirs”. Obama’s message was even more polished than Coates, but not really so very different. Coates had polished up the radical black nationalist message for liberal audiences. Obama’s speechwriters shaped his for a national audience. But underneath the religiosity and praise of the police was sheer contempt.

In one of the nastily cynical moments, Obama claimed that “to honor these five outstanding officers who we lost” we would have to act on “uncomfortable” truths such as his claim that the police are racist. “Insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals,” he spun.

While the media applauded his “healing”, Obama was just recycling his speeches from before the Dallas shooting. The talking points had not changed. They had only been moved around a little to exploit the police officers murdered by a #BlackLivesMatter supporter in order to promote #BlackLivesMatter.

Indeed this had always been Obama’s first and foremost priority.

After the shooting, his initial response was to emphasize that the anti-police protests were “peaceful”. At Dallas, in his praise of the police officers, he insisted on inserting that same description of a “peaceful” protest “in response to the killing of Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge and Philando Castile of Minnesota”. The choice of words, ‘killing’ rather than ‘death’, is significant.

The “shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge” were equated with the murders of police officers in Dallas in a breathtaking bit of moral equivalence. Americans were encouraged to grieve for sex offender Alton Sterling and the murdered police officers at the same time. And, just in case there was any ambiguity about which side he was on, Obama warned that “we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as troublemakers or paranoid.”

It was a defense of #BlackLivesMatter at a memorial for their victims.

Obama’s spin was that he was calling for unity when in reality he was pushing the divisive agenda of the hate group whose rhetoric helped lead to the killings. He was not a healer, but an arsonist.

There was nothing unifying about his exploitation of a memorial service to push anti-cop messages or to call for gun control. Neither message is in any way, shape or form unifying. They are as divisive as can be.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn, to heal or to unify. His sole purpose was to protect his #BlackLivesMatter hate group from the consequences of its rhetoric. Americans were fed lies about peaceful protests featuring armed members of hate groups who had called for the murder of police.

#BlackLivesMatter draws its inspiration from a cop-killer. It has deliberately targeted white people in much the same fashion that Micah X. Johnson did. The only real difference between Johnson and the black nationalist hate groups frantically trying to distance themselves from him in much the same way that mosques do from the latest Islamic terrorist is that he followed through on a lot of their rhetoric.

Johnson was not trying to get a job writing Black Panther comics or making YouTube videos. He actually did the sort of thing that #BlackLivesMatter role models like Assata Shakur did. He killed police officers.

For Obama, Dallas was a bump in the black nationalist road. It was, like every Islamic terrorist attack, an unfortunate incident from which we shouldn’t draw any conclusions, except perhaps that guns are bad. The goal is to redirect our attention to the next set of #BlackLivesMatter protests or the next celebrity tweeting about gun control and how mean those men with guns who aren’t on their payroll are.

He did not come to Dallas to praise the dead, but to enlist them in the service of his anti-police agenda.

Not only had Obama’s actions led to the murder of police officers, but he was determined to whitewash their deaths and exploit them as weapons in his war against the police.

Read the Original Article at Sultan Knish