Know, Embrace and Celebrate Your History: Our Ancestors, The Anglo-Saxons

Our Ancestors – The Anglo Saxons


Please share this with a young person in your circle of influence.

If we don’t Embrace and Celebrate our Roots, GloboHomo and Multiculturalism will dillute and destroy it.

Be Proud of Your Heritage and Culture!



Behold: The Glorious Benefits of Diversity in America

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Sheeeeeet…This is nothing compared to when their Food Stamp Money runs out.

Prepare Accordingly.



FUSA Bulletin: Racial Home Ownership Gap?

Fannie and Freddie unveil plans to tackle the racial homeownership gap


(I found this headline on Revolver btw, I do not peruse CNN for fear of contracting some form of STD or monkeypox germ)

What the Fuck is this nonsense?

Since when is it the Gubmint’s job to erase “gaps” that clearly exist because Dindu Tyrone historically do not pay their bills and have lower credit scores than Whites?

As if the Economy was not in bad enough shape now we are setting up for a repeat of the 2008 Mortgage Crisis?


Prepare Accordingly.





Are You Kidding Me? Bail Conditions for South Carolina Mall Shooting Suspect Are Absolutely Nuts

Are You Kidding Me? Bail Conditions for South Carolina Mall Shooting Suspect Are Absolutely Nuts


Gosh it’s hard to be humble when you are RIGHT!

And the Neo-Liberal Legal Agenda for the Complete Destruction of the United States continues unabated folks.

As the old Government Gangster adage goes “Never let a disaster go to waste!”

When George Soros backed the election campaigns of multiple liberal DA’s and Judges across this country it was done as a strategic chess move.

Letting Dangerous Black and Brown thugs back out onto the streets to repeat their carnage and thus maintain the cycle that will eventually lead to the fulfillment of the neo-liberal agenda, The Destruction of White America, ie The Great Replacement.

Prepare Accordingly.


More Government Sanctioned Black Thuggery

BLM Marcher Pulls Gun on Motorist During Michigan ‘Protest’ After Police Shooting


With all that has happened in the past few months with the Black Mass Shootings and now a re-surgence in BLM and black militant activity, it’s obvious the current Neo-Liberal Globalist agenda and intent is to spark some type of racial conflict in this country which will serve to justify more ridiculous firearms legislation and further pillaging of what is left of the Second Amendment.

I am Not going to be a Shill or a Stooge but at the same time I am not going to be a Statistic either.

If you are White and not Armed I highly recommend you get Armed ASAP.