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In Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act

Laid off: Newspapers drop office cartoon ‘Dilbert’ over creator’s racial remarks








Weaponizing the Government Against Whites: Biden’s IRS Developing Algorithm to Target White Americans for More Audits in Bid to Boost “Equity”….

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. All just synonyms for screw whitey. [IRS ‘is developing new Biden-backed algorithm that’ll see more white and Asian people targeted for tax audits to boost racial “equity”, Daily Mail, February 23, 2023]: A conservative legal group is accusing the Biden administration of directing the Internal Revenue Service to audit more white and[…]

Weaponizing the Government Against Whites: Biden’s IRS Developing Algorithm to Target White Americans for More Audits in Bid to Boost “Equity” | DC Dirty Laundry — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

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Meanwhile in South Africa…

Ambushed, Beaten, Gagged And Robbed, Shot In The Face… And Murdered—February Farm Attacks In South Africa


This “crime report” reads more like an after action report in wartime.

These things are happening on a routine basis over there to include daily Blackouts.

We used to say South Africa was a “racial harbinger” but now we are witnessing the same kind of overt violence toward whites right here in FUSA.

Prepare Accordingly.



Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Understand History

Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Understand History


“As the left and center-right continue to battle it out over a culture war the left has already won, it’s important to note that neither side cares about the truth. They are simply using narratives to fulfill their own short term pointless objectives. The reality is that race – a biological construct – is very real and is historically significant. Admitting that a historical figure was racist isn’t an own goal like conservatives believe. Rather it is a statement of fact – people in the past favoured their own group and relentlessly pushed their interests. The reaction of our people should be to understand this, and to explain that all non-White groups behaved in exactly the same way. The British Empire expanded and enslaved, just as the Ottoman and Mongol Empires did as well.

The dumbing down of education is one of the most significant factors causing all this besides minority activism. The history curriculum is so diabolical that a balanced understanding of the subject is almost impossible for young people to learn. Instead it requires youngsters to go out of their way to buy history books or go online to find the truth, something which only a minority of them are interested in doing. Nothing can stop us remembering the heroes of the past, as their greatness is far beyond anything their modern detractors are capable of. However, in order for their memory to be understood by the population-at-large, a new education system is needed.”