MLK Day Proves One Thing: Blacks Have Always Loved to Celebrate a Degenerate!


One of the great things about history is how it can help us understand the present.

Let’s face it, and call a spade a spade: Martin Luther King Jr. was no saint.

Despite all of his “accomplishments” of leading blacks and minorities to the so-called “promised land” which in essence turned out to be LBJ’s Great Society, aka The Welfare State.

Believe what you will about MLK’s ties to Communsim and the radical left in the 60’s, what is more concering is the man’s character, especially since he claimed to be a Christian pastor.

It is a proven fact MLK was an adulterer and possibly an accomplice to sexual assault and rape.

So understanding all of this going forward, it helps clarify this obsession Blacks have with Glorfying Degenerates as “Heroes”

Case in Point:

  1. Trayvon Martin

  2. Michael Brown

  3. George Floyd

Somewhere along the line, Blacks were sold the bill of goods that “martydom” at the hands of a white man or better yet, white cops, washes away all their sins and also gives them the right to loot, burn and murder at will and then leave white upper and middle-class tax payers to pick up the bill.

Cucked White Liberals always eager to help, will even go so far as to commit blasphemy at the expense of so-called Social Justice, claiming George Floyd was a “black” Jesus Christ?

It’s not surprising really.

Blacks are conditioned and taught to play this victimhood card from infancy and with the obvious historical lineage of glorifying Degenerates is it really surprising they pass this down generationally?


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Integration Has Failed. Now What?

Integration Has Failed. Now What?


It’s the most epic case of injustice and hypocrisy ever committed by a Government on it’s own people and yet so few people really KNOW the history behind it.

Over 60 years ago when Racial Segregation was deemed “immoral and unconstitutional” by the U.S. Government, President Eisenhower chose to unlawfully (and unconstituionally I might add) enforce “Desegregation” by sending Armed Federal Troops into a Sovereign State!

Fast forward 50 years.

Blacks are angry and unhappy despite being among the most powerful politicians and wealthiest athletes, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, professors, and public intellectuals in the world. Blacks are angry and unhappy 30 years after the federal government canonized rapist Martin Luther King. Blacks are angry and unhappy 13 years after Americans elected a black president, then elected him again.

Almost 70 years after Brown, almost 60 years after the Civil and Voting Rights acts, decades after Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Barack Hussein Obama became household names—the farther away we go from Jim Crow and segregation—the angrier and unhappier blacks become.

Straight Shooters

Straight Shooters


As I may have mentioned once or twice before, mass shootings in the United States are basically a black problem.

Sailer’s Law of Mass Shootings says that in a gunplay with more wounded than dead, there’s a very high chance that the shooter or shooters are black, as well as most of the victims. A New York Times analysis of every mass shooting in the U.S. in 2015 concluded:

“Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black.”

Thus, blacks are about fifteen to twenty times more likely per capita than the rest of the population to carry out mass shootings. That’s rather a lot, and the fact that we aren’t allowed to mention it in respectable outlets accounts for much of the madness of our times.

In contrast to approaching 75 percent of mass shooters, blacks comprised 53 percent of known murder offenders in 2015 (and over 56 percent in lethal 2020).


The War on Christmas

Sam Francis On The War on Christmas—And On American Identity

“It is precisely because Christianity is vital to our national identity that there is a war against it, and that’s the reason also there is now a nationwide resistance to that war by Americans who wish to conserve our national identity.”


Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?

Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?


Who is it hateful toward? You know who. The modern American regime is built on explicit, institutionalized hostility to the people who most resemble the great Americans of the past. It is anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-rural, and anti-middle class. The more of these traits a person has, the more worthy of hate they become. The more the Globalist American Empire decays and squanders the inheritance it was given, the more bile and hatred it directs against those who symbolize what came before.

The white American middle class have become America’s kulaks — Blamed for every problem, vilified for every success, and deserving of every punishment. Their destruction has become a fundamental goal of American political life.

Take Heed and Prepare Accordingly.