Her Name Is Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic: White Female Police Officer Executed In Cold Blood By Two Blacks As She Pleads For Her Life

Her Name Is Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic: White Female Police Officer Executed In Cold Blood By Two Blacks As She Pleads For Her Life


In a normal society, a story like this would be front page news across the country and the only topic of conversation on cable news.

The state must always have the monopoly on violence, or else it is no longer legitimate.

In Black-Run America (BRA-FUSA) white lives are expendable.

White police officers? Not even worth commenting on, unless they do something negative to a black suspect.


A Very White Thing to Do

Man Hunts Down Thief with Police, Takes Justice Into Own Hands with Shock Decision

This video is over a week old and was brought to my attention by my son, who is a fan of this guy’s YT Channel.

Bottom line, the thief COULD have gone to jail very easily but thankfully he stole from a decent and forgiving White Man.

I wanted to post this to make the point: WHITE FOLKS need to stop Stealing from each other!

It’s obvious the thief stole just for the hell of it (while under the influence of narcotics and alcohol by his own admission).

I mean look at the thief’s house and that huge detached garage! It wasn’t like he NEEDED any of that shit!

If we are going to make any headway in this lost society folks, WHITE needs to be CIVIL to WHITE and that means respecting their property!

I Live in a very rural WHITE area and I hate to think I could not trust my neighbors!

Carry Yourself like a WHITE MAN and don’t STEAL Like the Dindu’s or Wetbacks!


Your Move, Normiecon…

Your Move, Normiecon…


“The truth is there never was much difference between the Confederates and the Founders in the minds of the Far Left.

They hate both because they represent Western civilization.

The only difference is that the Far Left realized that they could not show all their cards and needed to have some restraint, arguing first for the removal of Confederate statues and then eventually targeting the Founders.

It was all about moving the needle a little at a time.”

This is FUSA in a nutshell folks.

The “Progressives” (Marxist) are not interested in “improving” anything.

They want to DESTROY it.


The Black Crime Wave is Worse Than You Thought…

Woman Armed with Pickaxe Shoplifts in Broad Daylight at Los Angeles Rite Aid 


And the Black Crime Wave in California just seems to be getting bigger and more ludicrous day by day.

Oh well, as my Grandma used to say “You Deserve what you Tolerate”

The Sooner that State falls into the Ocean the Better.

A Good 8.0+ Earthquake should do the trick.

Do you hear those Screams? That is the Sound of a Cucked White Liberal Getting Car Jacked by Two Dindu’s

Congesswoman Who Voted To Defund Police Carjacked In PA., 5 In Custody In Delaware


Like EatGruelDog, I too enjoy a plate of Schadenfreude in the morning!

I Bet it really stung (and the cops got a good laugh) when she said how much she appreciated the “Fast Police Response.”