His Name Is Elijah DeWitt

His Name Is Elijah DeWitt


Just another tragic reminder that the biggest threat to our safety is NOT MAGA White Supremacist but Black thugs.

No Racial Hate Crime Charges against these two ghetto dindu’s.


They are obviously the wrong color.

Prepare Accordingly.


Another Young Black Felon Mass Shooter Terrorizes an American City

Memphis Mayor Blasts Facebook-Streaming Mass-Killer’s Early-Release: “4 Of Our Fellow Citizens Would Still Be Alive”

Recent events demand I lead off with this:

So if MAGA Folks are a “Clear and Present Danger” to the Safety of the United States and “White Supremacist” are a bigger Domestic Terror Threat than islamic extremism what are young, violent Black extremist Felons released too early from prison into society considered now Joe?

So on the heels of the kidnapping, rape and murder of White Mother of Three Multi-Millionaire Heiress Eliza Fletcher we have another young Black Felon, this one 24 years old, going on a shooting rampage across Memphis.

In eight seperate shootings this POS killed four and wounded three innocent people.


The real outrage however is how this Violent Black Animal was released from Prison after serving only 11 months of a 3 year sentence for Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangerment in which the Attempted Murder charge was dropped? What?

As the Memphis Mayor pointed out, if he would have served his full sentence of 3 years this Crime would not have happened.

Once again we see Liberal Sentencing Guidelines and WOKE Early Release Procedures from Prison (because he is young, black and a “victim” of white privilege) being the Culprit of Grievous Crimes Against White Society.

Don’t be surprised if George Soros and his campaign to get Liberal DA’s and Judges elected across the country is at the root of this preventable tragedy.



Black Nationalist Thugs Storm Nursing Home in North Carolina

Black nationalist who led dozens to storm a retirement home in search of 87-year-old Emmett Till accuser


The Burn Loot and Murder Squad have moved on from burning down cities and looting Target stores to storming Retirement Homes and threatening an elderly White Woman with lynching for a case that happened 67 years ago regarding Emmett  Till.

Imagine if the tables were reversed and a group of White Nationalist did the same thing?

There would be a public outcry of Senate Inquiries and Federal Hate Crime Charges being filed!

Just another Pathetic Example of American Racial Hypocrisy and how deeply embedded Anti-White Sentiment is rooted in Modern American culture.

Black “Civil Rights Activist” Attempts to Shoot White Mayoral Candidate (And Misses)

Activist Quintez Brown named in attempted shooting of Louisville mayor candidate Greenberg


Another Black on White Shooting in the News, and this time the white guy is a Politician.

Wow, that White Supremacy Problem just keeps growing exponentially doesn’t it?

You can quickly deduce from the name of the shooter (Quintez?) that he was Black.

I mean what other race of people name their children after soda pop and after shave?

The article goes on to tell that Brown participated in the 2020 racial “justice” protest and even ran for local office with a Twitter post stating “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.”  

The Louisville, Missouri Mayoral Candidate (Greenberg) was White, Democrat and I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess jewish?

Brown just “grazed” Greenberg from a distance of less than 10 feet, furthering the ideal that Black People Cannot Shoot for Shit.

Anyhoo, the press conference was a tad weird and the lib-turd hebrew wasted no time pandering for stricter “gun laws” after his near death experience.

I guess pushing for a Federal Hate Crime indictment never crossed this liberal’s mind because God forbid he even suggest a black person could commit a racial hate crime AND also be classified as a Domestic Terrorist with far left Black Supremacy leanings?

No, being a racist and domestic terrorist are reserved for White Folks exclusively in 2022 America it seems.

Remember Their Names: Two Black on White Murders Go Under-Reported by MSM

His Name Is Thomas Hand: White Father Murdered By Black Male In Front Of His Young Son And Pregnant Wife As He Preached In Poor Black Neighborhood


Thomas Hand, a white male, was murdered in front of his child and wife by a black male in Montgomery, Alabama. She was carrying their second child.

Were white privilege real, or white supremacy a reality in the cradle of the so-called Confederacy, the murder of a white man by a black male in front of his wife and child would be cause for a national story.


His Name Is Chesley Patterson: Beloved White Manager Of Little Italy Restaurant In 75% Black Baltimore Murdered By Black Male


His name is Chesley Patterson, a white man murdered by an as yet unidentified black male in nearly 75% black Baltimore.

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Across the United States of America and the Western world, hundreds of millions of people lack the ability to verbalize it yet. But it’s on the tip of our tongues.

It just needs a name.

We are on the precipice of an idea whose time has come.