New York City to Remove State of ‘Slave-Owning Pedophile’ Thomas Jefferson From City Hall

New York City to Remove State of ‘Slave-Owning Pedophile’ Thomas Jefferson From City Hall

Just another day in FUSA.

The downward slide of this country into the Marxist abyss continues.

One of the defining characteristics of a Totalitarian society is the need to constantly re-define History to conform to the current agenda.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.


Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos


If it’s population reduction, literally, I have seen no hardcore evidence of slaughter.

Plans for slaughter may exist.

I have seen hardcore evidence of a full-throttled attack, from all four compass points, upon the world’s most capable and competent collective identities, which I have read or witnessed, since the day I was born, four decades ago:

  • Syria -the road to Damascus, in the Middle East, the continued, persistent, malicious attempts at destabilization of Syria, by the Clandestine Intelligence Agency and those that do War by Deception.
  • Iran – Persia, at the junction of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we see Globohomogayplex-imposed economic sanctions (which restrict Iranian people and government of participating in trade, the most basic of human rights). False flag events to taunt Iran into war. Coup and bullshit Argo. Demonization thru all Chosen Media.
  • Russia – Rus’ people, originally Norse people, assimilation with Greek, Baltic…

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Article of the Week: Earth-Salter Apartheid

Earth-Salter Apartheid


“There’s some vague notion that as whites are cut down to size—silenced, excised from high-skilled jobs, subjected cradle-to-grave to messages on autoplay loop about how “whiteness” is the root of all evil—somehow this will make blacks more capable, more adept at trigonometry and neurosurgery, and less likely to lean toward criminality. But I’m not really sure how many blacks, or the whites and Jews guiding and empowering that message, actually believe it. This is a vengeance apartheid, not a “vision” apartheid.

And it’s an antiwhite apartheid with massive white participation. Unlike other groups that joined in their own oppression, there’s no clearly defined upside for white collaborators. Yet we see huge numbers of college-educated whites, and millennial whites, backing the whole “white is evil, stop us before we genocide again” platform.”

The Spiritual Significance of the White Stag Killed by Police in Britain

Vermont Folk Troth

Last weekend a white stag was running through Merseyside, and instead of taking great care to protect this beautiful and rare creature, the British police shot it.

From BBC:

A rare white deer was shot dead by police after it was spotted running through the streets of a town. People in Bootle, Merseyside were shocked when they saw the wild animal roaming about on Sunday morning. The RSPCA said it had advised police to “leave the deer as it would make its own way back home” eventually. But Merseyside Police said officers decided to euthanise the deer after growing concerns it might be dangerous for motorists and pedestrians.

The most obvious thing our readers might consider is how it was a white stag that was shot down in the streets, while the White indigenous British people are being genocided by government policy, and British police protect the child sex…

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Why Isn’t UK Thang’s Mass Shooting Getting As Much Media Attention As The Atlanta Spa Shooting?

Why Isn’t UK Thang’s Mass Shooting Getting As Much Media Attention As The Atlanta Spa Shooting?


I talked about this in a PREVIOUS POST.

The answer is Crystal Clear: HE IS NOT WHITE!