Lighting The Candle

Lighting The Candle


What is it like to be oppressed in your own land? To be brutally hunted down by incensed attackers, fueled by a constant stream of lies and manipulations by a malicious ruling elite? To have nights of innocence and tradition desecrated by an absolutely barbaric act, which maniacally and gleefully takes the lives of our neighbors, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and more? To feel the gut-wrenching loss and eventual anger that comes with a rape of all we hold sacred? To be gaslighted by a powerful media complex, to be told that this attack did not occur out of any deeper animus, despite mass evidence to the contrary?

These questions have never been mere thought experiments. We have all wrestled with answers to these problematics in the past twenty-four hours and for much of our conscious lives. We have all felt the deadening numbness of a crisis, followed by a desire to find justice for those slain. We are familiar with this feeling, which is not limited solely to the events of the past day. We live under constant fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, inflicted for centuries by an oppressive power structure and ruling elite. For some, we are not even shocked by such tragedy. It is simply the logical result of wide-scale racial, psychological, and cultural training that has targeted our people for far too long.

We grieve for the lives lost in Waukesha, and for those irreparably scarred by witnessing the brutal events firsthand. We grieve for the ripple effects across families, who must now explain the death or injury of loved ones to those too innocent to ever understand the reasons why. We grieve for the harm to the Waukesha community, which will always wrestle with the insecurity and post-traumatic stress of such a violent attack on their placid town. We grieve for a race that will no longer enjoy its right to be childlike and merry, due to the eradicative goals of our ruling elite. For these reasons, we light a candle in remembrance. We will never forget.

But we must do more than simply remember and recount. It is our duty as dissidents to uncover and disseminate the true events of the night, and the actual motives for this cruel, nihilistic, resentful, and hateful attack on our people. We must not let this event be lost to the minutiae of the current moment, and to simply log it in an ongoing catalogue of atrocities against us. We must press this weak Achilles’ heel in the declining political situation of this country. We must discredit the damningly poor official narratives emerging from this crisis, that seek to contain and redirect the growing political dissent in this country. We must move past cynicism and jadedness, and renew our motivated inspiration to recover sovereignty and political right for our people. In the light of terrible, horrific tragedy, we must find a vigorous vitality within ourselves to bind together and cause political change for ourselves and our children.

God bless all of those effected by the events of Waukesha, Wisconsin.



“Land Justice” for Blacks?

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‘Stripped away’: Growing push on land justice for Black Americans


Four months ago I posted about the Riots in South Africa over White Farmers being Harrassed and Murdered by an off-the-rails Black South African Government Drunk with Social Justice Marxism and Anti-White Political Correctness.

This article from 2019 about how Land Seizures from White Farmers in South Africa is Justified is almost a verbatim copy of the Stripped Away article in terms of BEE/BBBEE policy!

The historical record is crystal clear.

Communist never change their stripes, they just adapt the language and terminology.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide!



Exploring Different Aspects of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Calculus of Decay

This examination of the ADL is broken up into different parts that I’ve assembled based on a “internet black hole” I went on this evening.

  • Examination of the ADL income tax return, Form 990
  • Examination of affiliated ADL entities, found on Form 990
  • Examination of highest paid contractors, one in particular
  • Biographical information of key ADL Board members
  • Biographical information of key ADL management
  • The ADL’s largest contribution to society, their Hate Symbol Symbols of EuropeanHeritage database

The ADL 2018 Form 990 – Highlights

Form 990 is the tax return filed annually for entities exempt from income tax aka not for profit businesses. In order to maintain an entity’s tax-exempt status, it is required that they file this tax return annually, amongst other requirements. Below is the first page of the tax return, the name of the entity and it’s EIN (employer identification number) match that of information in…

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Black Privilege and Racial Hypocrisy Rampant in America

Black Privilege: School Shooter Released on Just $75k Bond Thanks to the Color of His Skin


So just to be clear, you can shoot up a school, wound four innocent people, claim it was self-defense because you were “bullied” and the next day get released on $75K Bail *IF*you are BLACK?

I guess I should not be surprised.

This is Standard Operating Procedure for the Failed United States of America now, F.U.S.A.

I mean If that kid had been White (Like Kyle Rittenhouse) they would have slapped him with No Bond and painted him as the spawn of satan himself.

But hey this is post George Floyd America, where Black criminals can get away with pretty much anything, why? Because they are the “victims.” They are the ones who have been “oppressed”, and as such, get a free pass to say and do pretty much anything they want.

Take the black comedian Dave Chappelle.

It seems a lot of so called “Conservatives” really love this guy for a couple of reasons, both of which I will show to be utter bullshit. First, because he recently got “Cancelled” by the left for standing up for J.K. Rowling, whom is known as a TERF by the left. (If you don’t know what that term is, look it up, it’s just more WOKE acronym non-sense IMO) and her views on gender being binary.

Secondly, because Chappelle supposedly wants to “unify” the races and bring more harmony amongst people of different cultures, faiths and “communities”, to include the LQBTQ? This is coming from the same guy who during the riots and looting in Minneappolis after the death of George Floyd came out and actively supported the actions of BLM? If you listen to this guy carefully he is a dyed in the wool black power militant and has said on more than one occasion he doesn’t have any problems with any “community” except “white people.” If that is not blatantly anti-white, I am not sure what is, but no matter! He wants to unify us!

But what about all of Chappelle’s racist anti-white remarks?

In his most recent Netsux special, The Closer, Chappelle made multiple disparaging comments about Whites including “how ugly white women are” and how “only poor white people shop at Wal-Mart” and “it was the the kind of poor white people that voted for Trump and believe in Q.”

I know, I know, it’s comedy right? Everything and everybody is fair game.

But still the fact remains if a WHITE comedian made disparaging remarks about BLACK people and said things like “Why do all black women have asses like dump trucks and lips so large they can be seen from space?” or “Why is that Black people like Grape Soda and Watermelon so damn much?” or “Why do ghetto blacks always have their assets in their parents name and claim six fictional dependents to get more food stamps?”

Do you think for one second that WHITE comedian would have a career after that?

Hell No! The NAACP and the ACLU would throw a damn social justice lynching party.

But when Dave Chappelle does it, it is considered “socially aware” and he is celebrated?

And the bitch of it is, the majority of people celebrating him are WHITE! Why? One reason only: He is Black in a post-George Floyd America and a large number of Whites on the so-called “Conservative Right” drank the social justice kool-aid.

They are traitors, every one of them and mark my words they will have to answer one day.

The fact remains that racial hypocrisy will continue to be rampant in America as long as Whites allow it to be. We are now at the stage of American History where all the liberties we afforded to the Black in the last 60 years have come back to haunt and terrorize us. The old adage ‘Give them an inch and they will take a mile?” Yes, except that “mile” is now including The Criminalization of everything WHITE via a vis Critical Race Theory being taught to our children in public schools and illegal immigration on an industrial scale to destroy this country brick by brick and eventually, replace white people for brown and black.

Make no mistake, White Genocide in America is on the horizon unless something is done NOW.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

Article of the Week: Earth-Salter Apartheid

Earth-Salter Apartheid


“There’s some vague notion that as whites are cut down to size—silenced, excised from high-skilled jobs, subjected cradle-to-grave to messages on autoplay loop about how “whiteness” is the root of all evil—somehow this will make blacks more capable, more adept at trigonometry and neurosurgery, and less likely to lean toward criminality. But I’m not really sure how many blacks, or the whites and Jews guiding and empowering that message, actually believe it. This is a vengeance apartheid, not a “vision” apartheid.

And it’s an antiwhite apartheid with massive white participation. Unlike other groups that joined in their own oppression, there’s no clearly defined upside for white collaborators. Yet we see huge numbers of college-educated whites, and millennial whites, backing the whole “white is evil, stop us before we genocide again” platform.”