The Children’s Story

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“The Children’s Story” is a 4,300-word dystopian fiction novelette by James Clavell. It first appeared in Reader’s Digest (June 1964 issue) and was printed in book form in 1981. It was adapted by Clavell himself into a thirty-minute short film for television which aired on Mobil Showcase. (Wikipedia)

Be Careful who Teaches Your Children.

Oregon is FULL of Pedophile Teachers

Oregon Fourth-Grade Teacher Charged with Attempted Rape of Two Minors


If the above headline was not sickening enough, ANOTHER gay pervert Teacher by the name of Dean Wright from Oregon (this time in the city of Salem just two and a half hours away) has been arrested for sending inapprorpriate images to a middle schooler.

This is the end result when you pamper and tolerate aberrant and perverted behavior in a society instead of elminating it.