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How Easy is it to Dupe somebody in the 21st Century?

This Easy.

Plan Accordingly.

Psychological Warfare Files: Ghost Tape #10 and Operation Wandering Soul


“Vietnamese legends held that on the anniversary of a person’s death, a spiritual channel between our world and the afterlife can open making communication possible. Was this just such a phenomenon?”


JUST AFTER dusk on the night of Feb. 10, 1970, the jungles near the U.S. Army’s Fire Support Base Chamberlain in Hau Niga Province, South Vietnam came to life with a cacophony of spine chilling sounds. Mournful wailing, sobbing, and baleful shrieks filled the air — unearthly sounds that seemed to be coming from everywhere, but nowhere in particular.

And amid the blood curdling chorus was a clearly audible warning:

“My friends,” pleaded a disembodied voice from across the darkness, “I have come back to let you know that I am dead… I am dead!”

“It’s hell… I’m in hell!” it continued in Vietnamese. “Don’t end up like me. Go home, friends, before it’s too late!”

The eerie warning was followed by a chorus of other strange sounds: banging gongs sobbing women and a shrieking child’s voice calling for her father.

To the Viet Cong soldiers hiding in blackness beyond the American perimeter, these otherworldly could have been the wandering souls of departed comrades. According to local folklore, the sprits of the dead that were not returned home for proper burial were cursed to walk the earth in torment until their remains were found and properly interned. Vietnamese legends held that on the anniversary of the death of one of these wayward phantoms, a spiritual channel between our world and the afterlife can open making communication possible.

Were these chilling sounds just such a phenomenon? Were they spirits of the dead of some past battle reaching out to the living? Perhaps to the communist guerrillas listening it seemed that way.

The reality was something much less fantastic.

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Defeating the “Legal Fear Mongering” with Concealed Carry


I have had a lot of students, friends and associates email me recently about how best to be prepared for the legal ramifications AFTER a justified shooting while carrying your concealed carry weapon in Texas or elsewhere. The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case once again brought this important issue to light, if not created an Atmosphere of Fear over carrying and eventually USING a weapon to defend yourself. Part of this Fear Mongering has no doubt had it’s beginnings from the left side of the fence, with our Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama leading the charge, once again attempting their assault on American’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms and specifically honing in on the “Stand your Ground” statutes in Florida and elsewhere.

First of all guys, you have to understand as in any War, (and please understand WE ARE currently engaged in a WAR of IDEALS with those elements in our society and Government who seek to disarm us in the name of Political Correctness) you will always have the “Psychological Operations”  (or “Psy-Ops” for short) element in Play. This includes the systematic manipulation of the mass media and all other forms of mass communication (internet, radio, TV) with propaganda meant to demoralize, dissuade and fundamentally CHANGE the enemy’s value and belief system from wanting to continue the fight.

The fundamental message behind most propaganda meant to dissuade or stop certain behavior is almost always FEAR based. To prove this point, go to any CCL Online forum and browse back to when the Zimmerman/Martin case started and you will see what I mean. If People did not realize that the REAL FIGHT in a self-defense encounter really begins after the shots have been fired and the threat is over, they did now. Add to this the political agenda attached to this case by the NAACP, Eric Holder and President Obama (who by extension are continuing their fight to disarm America) and folks realized if they got into the wrong situation, this could be them all over again. And so the fear began and the vultures began to circle.

Anytime you have fear mongering on a large-scale, you are always going to have people (aka vultures) trying to cash in on that fear. There were a multitude of “companies”, “organizations” and “alliances” that popped up soon after the trial began offering anything from legal advice to a “Self-defense insurance policy” for lawyers, bail and even grief counseling. Now I am not one to try to give financial advice to anybody, but I think I am safe here in saying there are better things you could spend your money on to prepare for a self-defense trial.

So all that being said, let’s set aside the fear tactics currently being employed and get down to brass tacks on how to prepare for “the fight after the fight”.

oh shit

Number one, don’t wait for the “oh shit” moment (as above) to find a lawyer! Find yourself a good trial lawyer NOW and put them on retainer. Find somebody with self-defense trial experience and a good “not guilty” or “acquittal” record. Keep open communication with him/her. Ask them questions…grill them frequently, make your money work for you! Remember knowledge is power, and somebody with trial experience is going to not only know the law, but also know what local District Court judges and juries like and dislike when it comes to Self-Defense Trials.

Number Two, don’t fall into the “Political Correctness Trap” of always worrying how something will “look” to someone else, thinking that will help if you have to shoot somebody trying to harm you or your family! Whether worrying about if your weapon has had too many modifications, or if that firearms class you took last year was such a good ideal…leave the “spinning” of your character to your lawyer, (trust me, the prosecution will be doing the same for their client, so don’t feel bad!) that is his job. Bottom line, let these two words drive everything you do concerning Firearms, Self-Defense Training and how you conduct yourself on the street and you will be fine:  Good Judgement, Responsibility and Self-Control.

In closing guys, the bottom line is you have to understand and believe that GUNS SAVE LIVES, that is why you carry one 24/ is not just something you “do” because it looks cool, it is a mentality and a lifestyle. A lifestyle that many people despise and want to see done away with..why? Because when people are armed, they cannot be controlled easily..they can rebel, they can fight. You see, when you are armed, you are a CITIZEN, when you are not, you are just a SUBJECT.

Remember the words of a really smart dude who said: “When cops only have guns, that  is called a POLICE STATE!!”

Consider the words of J.G.A. Peacock who said: “The Bearing of Arms is the essential medium through which the individual asserts both his SOCIAL POWER and his Participation in Politics as a Responsible MORAL BEING.”

Stay Armed, Stay Dangerous and Carry 24/7 or Guess Right!!