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“Believe Nothing that you Hear and only Half of what you see.”

-Edgar Allan Poe

How Search Algorithims Manipulate You


A recent article about how Google and YouTube Search Algorithims are manipulated got me to thinking.

So I emailed a good friend of mine, Mr. A, with my concerns. Mr. A works on the security side of the IT industry.

Here is what he had to say:

Technology and information warfare have reached a new stage of sophistication. Not only is psychology optimally ‘weaponized’ in the way information is presented, but carefully crafted ‘profiles’ are used by companies like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook along with numerous ad tracking companies to show you advertisements that are the most likely to influence you.  If you, for example, put a search term into Google on your computer and look at the results, you will see a certain list in a certain order. If you do the same thing in a public library or on a computer at work with the identical search terms, there will be a different set of results. This is profitable for marketing purposes, but it can be used to suppress information as well.

The problem is that you don’t know what you aren’t being shown, and Google is making the decision on what you are to see! You are not being given an equally distributed set of information, but rather a curated subset of information. Twitter does ‘shadow banning’ where tweets from influential conservatives simply do not appear in the timeline of those that follow them. Again, you don’t know what you aren’t being shown, and so it is difficult to know when you have been presented incomplete information.

Additionally, disinformation campaigns are constantly being launched by extremist groups, corporations, and foreign nations aiming to flood the internet with information that confuses and divides people. Because it takes 10x more effort to refute a lie than it does to spread a lie, disinformation floods social media with disconcerting effectiveness. It’s not just about political elections either. Russia was recently caught spreading disinformation about vaccines of all things.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous.


Infopacalypse Now

This is one of the most important topics for the Martial Citizen today. Recognizing the ability to twist and malign information to fit a certain agenda is the new norm in “News”. Please, Stay truly Informed and Don’t be Fooled!


He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He’s Worried About An Information Apocalypse.

“What happens when anyone can make it appear as if anything has happened, regardless of whether or not it did?” technologist Aviv Ovadya warns.


In mid-2016Aviv Ovadya realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the internet — so wrong that he abandoned his work and sounded an alarm. A few weeks before the 2016 election, he presented his concerns to technologists in San Francisco’s Bay Area and warned of an impending crisis of misinformation in a presentation he titled “Infocalypse.”

The web and the information ecosystem that had developed around it was wildly unhealthy, Ovadya argued. The incentives that governed its biggest platforms were calibrated to reward information that was often misleading and polarizing, or both. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google prioritized clicks, shares, ads, and money over quality of information, and Ovadya couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all building toward something bad — a kind of critical threshold of addictive and toxic misinformation. The presentation was largely ignored by employees from the Big Tech platforms — including a few from Facebook who would later go on to drive the company’s News-Feed integrity effort.


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Civilian Operator 101: How to Create and Distribute Disinformation

In short, TROLL your opponent and let their eagerness to assign blame take over the narrative. They will then go out of their way to distribute the lie and in doing so, reveal their own prejudices and biases to the world.



The mainstream media was quick to jump on a claim that the Florida school shooter belonged to a white nationalist organization. In the process, the media revealed its bias.

What happened?

On Thursday, the day after the tragic shooting, the Associated Press and ABC News, among many other outlets, reported that the Florida school shooter belong to a white supremacist organization called the “Republic of Florida.”

 However, the claim was just too good to be true.

Hours after major news outlets published the claim, Florida law enforcement agencies said they had no evidence to confirm the shooter was associated with white supremacist organizations but was still investigating. They later said there was no connection between the shooter and ROF.

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Propaganda 101: Not Just for The Communist

This is a nifty little article to understand the subtle nuances of Propaganda being used today against the sheeple of the world. Re-read and Understand. The mind you save could be your own. -SF



“Truth is an absolute; it is perception that becomes a psilocybin laced rabbit hole.”  Col.  Jakkob Rasmussen (Shai) –  יהי זכרו ברוך.

* pro·pa·gan·da
Noun: an old Soviet Communist means of controlling  people with disinformation

well, maybe not.


We all remember 5th grade civics and surely you can list the three branches of government and their functions… right?

The Executive Branch is the top leadership; the Legislative Branch crafts our laws and the Judicial Branch decides issues of law.

Before we go on to more complex concepts; let’s test your knowledge with an impromptu quiz.  I want to make sure I’m not wasting my time with someone who doesn’t understand the basic workings our Republic.

See if you can match the following offices with their respective branches of government. Ruminate on your answer and then just mentally draw connecting lines between the two columns from the office to the branch. I borrowed this from an 8th grade civics mid-term, so it should be simple.

   Office                                                                                              Branch

The President                                                                         Legislative Branch

Speaker of the house                                                          Judicial Branch

Attorney General                                                                Executive Branch

Now let me see if I can guess your answers. If research bears true; just about 93% of you answered:President/Executive Branch, Speaker/Legislative Branch and Attorney General/Judicial Branch. Not too bad, you got two out of three correct.

Only about 5% you answered all three correctly and about 2% of you only got one right.  Another two or three of you gave answers that defy reason and baffle the imagination. Right now about half of you are wondering how you got it wrong. You knew the Attorney General was Executive Branch . . . right? So how did you make such an obvious error?

Goebbellian propaganda techniques.

Like fine emery cloth shaping a piece of soapstone into a work of art I used Goebbels’ techniques to gently form your responses for you. Before I asked the questions, I simply conveyed the impression I wanted you to believe and tailored my description of the branches to omit certain relevant facts.

Several propaganda techniques are being used on you today. It’s not limited to any one party or movement and I chose my examples based solely on quality of example; not source of message.


This is not an endorsement or condemnation of either side it is simply reality.

Still, some of you will take offense, and some of you are already mad at me over the “just to make sure I’m not wasting my time“ remark. That’s OK. Your anger is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled propagandist

What you just experienced is the basic technique of subtle guidance: The subtle presentation of a predetermined conclusion in a way that it is hard to not accept. Effective for short term issues, but the target audience will always eventually figure out their error.

Another common example of misinformation? Random statements of fact. For example, “No one blames Obama for gas prices falling below two dollars.”  This is a true statement that means absolutely nothing yet supports what the target audience already wants to believe.  Effective for growing a following and laying a foundation.

The outright act of lying to the target audience was once rare, but has become a common tactic today. You just wrap your lie up in some truth, then add just a pinch of emotional drama while providing references and authorities that do not actually support the intended message, but are too complex for the bulk of the target audience to understand, so they don’t bother. This method is only effective with the basest of audiences.

This technique was exhibited with the “Obama Cut Combat pay” story.  HR1540 and S1254  were reported to be Obama’s plan to cut combat pay although neither cut combat pay and neither bill was authored or sponsored by the Obama administration.  Yet — half of you still believe POTUS cut combat pay.

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