Of Liberals, Socialist, Muslims and your Role in America

By Paul Howe, CSAT

You can be a passive Conservative American.
You can be a pro-active Conservative American.
You can be an Aggressive Conservative American.

Being passive will only accelerate the downward spiral of our country. As an Oath Taker in Law Enforcement and the Military, I do not take this action lightly. Many times, the job just plain sucked, but I had to look at and believe in the bigger picture and keep the faith in the “big picture” of America.

Liberals and Socialists in the media and the education system continually try and rewrite history and they have taken to pulling down historical statues. They wish us to feel bad due to the fact that this country was founded by predominately old, white, Christian businessmen.

I don’t feel bad. I was not around back then.

However, when I look around, I have it pretty good along with all the other free Americans in this country. I have watched over the past 10 years and the acceleration of hate toward the conservative way of life and the conservative ethic. Christians and conservatives have been aggressively targeted by liberals in general and their private hate groups.

Liberals and their minions are mentally and ethically corrupt. Democrats are the party of hate and disruption. Obama spread his followers through our federal government and wasted a great deal of money at the same time. Now democratic politicians are strategically placing liberal dunces in the positions of finance and the rules regarding it.

Nothing good can be said about democrats or their platforms. They cater to illegal immigrants not because their despair touches them, but rather for their vote. The concept of give them free shit is alive and well in the democratic party. Unfortunately, the “free shit” comes from tax paper money.

Our government is a reality TV show on its best day. The Federal Government is wasteful along with our congressional representatives. I have been a soldier, traveling trainer, land and business owner during in my time on this planet. If I ran my business like the federal government, I would have gone bankrupt in a week. I see where much of my hard-earned taxes go and it turns my stomach.

How do we weather this mentally and physically?

It starts with you and grows locally and then nationally. As a conservative American, I try to stay in shape. I own guns and know how to use them. I associate with other like-minded individuals and help those that have the same work and life ethic. Mentally, I curtail my intake of toxic media. Just like foods that don’t agree with me, I don’t ingest them. Be picky about what you read and who you hear things from. Rely on credible sources. When I sense bullshit, I turn off the switch.

Our current mainstream media is the most nasty, lying and corrupt bunch of tabloid writers as I have witnessed in my lifetime. They have lost their minds. They promote corruption in politics as they don’t expose it. They have consistently harassed a popularly elected present for two-years. They are the enemy. It is nothing personal, just business.

Next, our educational institutions have been corrupted. Starting with colleges, it is trickling down to high schools and even elementary schools. This needs to be stopped as it creates a generation of mush head kids who we are seeing now. They are dysfunctional and ignorant about life and history. We have allowed this to happen. We are always one generation away from a national train wreck.

Further, we have a judicial system that is allowing criminal to go back to the streets and not prisons. They are handed neatly complete packages by DA’s and they turn the criminal loose on the streets to re-commit crimes. One journalist tried to get me to declare the M-16 style weapons as a big problem. I told him to get the stats on how many people were killed with assault weapons in a year vs. illegal aliens?

All I could hear was crickets.

Liberals ignore facts if it does not fit their agenda. Generally, an agenda of hate and disruption.

What can you do?

First, own guns and know how to use them!

Teach your family basic security tasks. Keep in shape. You can be passively pro-active if it makes you feel better. When the next election rolls around, take a Sunday drive with a paper map. Start logging all the addresses of democratic signs and supporters. Do not put it on any electronic media. A simple paper map will work. Bury it in an ammo can, Tupperware or hide it for safe keeping. If you put it on any type of electronic media, it can be hacked by IT companies, the government or foreign entities. Big brother is trying to spy on you for all the wrong reasons to include social media. This way, if illegal immigrants overwhelm us, you can direct them to the people who will “host” them and their families. If they need a place to eat, sleep and stay, you know what addresses to give them.

Great educational immigration link is below:

If our country should have an “Evolution,” “Reconciling” or “Revolution,” people will need to be held accountable. We all know the cowardly liberal type who will distance themselves from the poor choices they made. If enough conservatives make “accountability maps”, you have a laid a ground work for accountability.

Currently conservatives are the only group held accountable while liberals and democrats as free to be as corrupt as they so choose. Currently IT companies and even the government has tracked conservatives and gun owners through registration data bases. This includes firearms purchases to concealed carry permits. All it takes is one liberal ass wipe in a federal or state agency to copy that data base and make it available to the media or their fellow liberal scum.

The UN will never come here. They would last about 10 seconds. The military will never turn on the Constitution as they are 95% conservative. This also applies to law enforcement. Occasionally you get a Chief or Sheriff like the Broward Coward, Sheriff Israel, a posturing liberal ass-wipe, who is a piss stain on the fabric of American Law Enforcement, but they are few. They also happen to live in the same communities as conservative Americans.

If you feel outnumbered, quietly organize at the local level and then a new conservative party may evolve such as the American Patriot Party, American Reconciliation Party or the American Pipe-Hitter party.

Who are the problems out there?

• Politicians
• The Media
• Actors and Athletes who use their voice to disrupt
• Educators who are leftist
• Career Criminals

As a conservative American, I have been harassed mentally for over 10 years by the left. Yes harassed. It has not gone unnoticed. I work my ass off and pay lots of taxes. This should not go to illegal immigrants or others who wish to spit out babies on our soil and get free stuff. A doctor once told me how to fix it. If a woman cannot afford to pay for their hospital care, no problem. The first one is free. However, they get their tubes tied during the delivery so they cannot spit out more babies for the American people to care for. Or should I say democratic voters….

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

RKBA: Sanctuary Cities for Gun Owners

Sanctuary Cities…For Gun Owners? Illinois Is                                        Trying Something New



Flip the script on these hypocritical, immoral government gangsters.

If these liberal fruit loops can openly disobey FEDERAL LAW to deport illegal immigrants because they feel the law is somehow “immoral” then, by using the same logic, we can dismiss ANY law that opposes the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS as set forth in the Second Amendment as “immoral” also.

After all, we now live in a world where the “law” is just another tool to enforce political agendas, so what difference does it make?


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


ANTIFA Threatens ‘Revolutionary Violence’ and they Call Legal Gun Owners Dangerous?

L.A. Antifa Group Hangs Trump in Effigy, Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence’ Against   ‘the Capitalist State’

I find it hilarious that the vast majority of liberals out there think that law abiding gun owners are more Dangerous than these ANTIFA fruit loops.

Once more, what most of these head up their ass Politicians fail to realize are these millions of “DANGEROUS” Legally Armed Citizens spread out across America are going to be the people who stand up and fight these so-called “Revolutionaries” when the federal, state and local law enforcement fail to do anything.

“For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.” -Thomas Jefferson


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous


The Gun Control Debate: It’s About Facts Not Emotion


Ben Shapiro has a saying. His saying is that “facts don’t care about your feelings.” Every time a shooting happens in the US the anti-gun leftist try to goad the pro-gun side into a debate. The issue is that you cannot have a discussion when one side is arguing facts, and the other side is using an emotional crutch.

We can all agree on what happened in Parkland, Florida was a hideous crime. We can all agree that this is a tragedy that we shouldn’t have to accept as “just part of life.” I think we all want to prevent the next mass shooting. It is just that the left, and the right disagree on how to fix the situation.

While the pro-gun side wants to fix the actual problem, such as the mental health system, the left would instead attack an inanimate object, as though it is the ring from the “Lord Of The Rings.” The Democrat method is akin to trying to fix the road instead of your car when it breaks down. It just doesn’t work.

I am not saying don’t debate the people on the left. What I am suggesting is when you do engage them in a war of ideas, for you not to get sucked into a battle of emotions. Ben Shapiro headed off Piers Morgan by removing the emotional argument by insisting that Morgan “not stand on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook.”

Shapiro automatically put Morgan on the defensive and took away his ability to use emotion in his argument by using this technique. Morgan spent a minute plus saying, “How dare you?” in his smug British accent. The reason he kept repeating himself is that Shapiro took away the emotional evidence that Morgan was so fond of using and he knew he couldn’t beat Shapiro in a war of facts.

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