Fall 2021 County-Comm Product Review

The good folks at County-Comm have been burning the midnight oil as of late and have been producing some pretty nifty kit for us Gear Junkies/Preppers and Martial Civilian Folk!

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Brass Pico Pull

Most people do not realize that Geo-caching is not just a nifty little sub-culture of 21st Century treasure hunting but also a valuable skill to have as a prepper and survivalist. Stashing important small items in unlikely and/or hidden places can have GREAT value in the coming spicy times in which we are living. Ed Calderon really opened my eyes to this fact in his recent EDC Video where he talked about stashing SD and Micro-SD cards with important Medical Data and even Crypto currency on them. And FYI if you need a bigger vault CC has you covered with the XL Picolo Titanium Nitro Vault.


Jumbo Armorer Parts Tray

Listen guys, sometimes the most simplest things are often the most neglected. Small parts and tools are EASY to lose! (Especially as we get older!) so having a small, simple tray like this to keep things organized and off the floor (and saving you and your back from doing that 30 minute ground crawl for that screw!) Plus if you own firearms or a DIY guy like me or just like to tinker around, you need you one or three of these bad boys, trust me! I like the Zombie Green color just because it is EASY to see but they also come in Battleship Grey and International Orange.


Universal Glow Marker (UGM) Tough patch 1″x1″


Murphy’s Law states that BAD THINGS are going to happen to you at the most INCONVENIENT TIMES. In my experience that “TIME” has always been at NIGHT, when it’s DARK. So it would make sense to prepare for this by having plenty of flashlights at the ready (and mounted on his weapons) AND having UGM markers on things you needs to find in a hurry in the dark! This could be any number of items: Cell Phone, Weapons, Flashlights, Keys, Light switches, Door knobs in hotel rooms, etc.  I also use them as “HOMING BEACONS” (since I am not a fan of night lights) to guide me in my bedroom and bathroom when I am half-asleep! Thanks to the wizards who work in the back room over at County-Comm you can install and uninstall these little handy jokers anywhere since they have a 3M velcro strip attached!


TPSK – Titanium Precision Screwdriver Kit – Gen 2

Who doesn’t need a titanium screwdriver with multiple attachments? I mean this is one of those no brainers if you ask me. Three things a man can never have enough of: Guns, Ammo and Screwdrivers. Plus, it’s made out of a prescious/hardcore material so when things get bad and we go to a cashless/barter society you will have a leg up! I’m a gear head guys so excuse me while I really get nerdy on the details, but the worksmanship on this little tool is AMAZING. The knurling on the grip is SICK!


Anodized EDC Pendulum Pen ( Limited Edition )

It has been my experience that writing instruments (pencils and pens) and paper are one of those things that most often get neglected in GO-BAGS and VBOBS. Besides being standard equipment, think about if you need to leave a note or make a list or, and this is getting dark: leave your last will and testament before setting out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland? (Hey I’m a writer, my imagination runs wild some times!) The anodized aluminum body is knurled for an easy, comfortable grip and it comes in five amazing colors! This is a limited production run made special in CC’s Secret Ninja Lab, so get your’s now!


AAAx2 Extreme – Tactical Light by Maratac Rev 3

This little five inch extreme powerhouse runs off (2) AAA Batteries and gives you 3 Modes to choose from: High is 425 lumens (runs for 1.65 hours) Medium is 45 Lumens (runs for 6 hours) and Lunar Low is 1.5 Lumens (Runs for 100 hours). I have said this many times: Maratac is one of the most affordable, tough and dependable brands on the market. The beauty of them is their price point. You can purchase more than one and stash them anywhere and everywhere you might need a flashlight! Not to get too technical. but it is more practical IMO to have your flashlights either be RECHARGEABLES or run off COMMON batteries (AA, AAA, C, D). The reason being that the high output Lithiums do not have very long run times and are more expensive to keep on hand. Not to mention the current “supply issues” with China are going to make lithium powered flashlights obsolete really, really fast.



Reflective 550 Paracord Square Knot Lanyard ( 5 Pack )

Installing items on your gear that help you not lose it is a no brainer in my opinion! As I have gotten older, I appreciate bright colors like these lanyards! Whether you install it on your EDC Knife, flashlight, keys or as a zipper pull these lanyards will help you keep up and on top of things!


Clear Tube Vaults

County-Comm is huge on STORAGE devices, and for good reason. In any Prepping/Survival situation, the ability to keep something safe and/or protected from the elements (moisture and heat) can mean the difference between life and death! These clear, pharmaceutical grade, crush resistant tube vaults are perfect for storing any number of small items to include batteries, medications and liquid lunches.


County-Comm Gear Review (9/2020)


My good friends over at CountyComm were nice enough (once again) to send me a few items for testing and review.

I strongly urge all of you to visit their site TODAY and gear up.

Things are getting worse by the minute out their in every area, whether it be nature, weather, society or geo-politics, there is no better time to PREPARE FOR THE WORSE than right now!

As the old saying goes “Industry need not wish and he that lives upon hope shall die fasting!”

Domed Strobe AA Light By Maratac™


One of the things I tell folks all the time in being prepared with an assortment of battery powered and rechargeable flashlights is to have a few that can be used as table lamps. During Hurricane Laura a few weeks ago we were without Power for around 36 hours and although we had a generator for our basic needs (deep freeze, fridge, Window A/C Unit, Internet Router) we found we could use a few of these domed strobes as table lamps and basically light the living room and bathroom area without having to use regular electrical lamps. Like all Maratac lights, this one packs a TON of power from one AA Battery! This model also has the STROBE feature which is always a handy tool to have either for emergency signaling or to use to disorientate in a self-defense scenario.


Ultra V2 18650 Extreme Rechargeable LED Flashlight by Maratac

I have been a dedicated fan of rechargeable lights ever since Hurricane Ike back in 2008. My TX homestead was without power for 24 days and water for 17. At that time the majority of my flashlights were battery powered and I only had a couple of rechargeable lights. Because of the duration of time of being without power and my low supply of batteries (that will NEVER happen again!) I found myself depending almost entirely on my rechargeable’s for the sole fact I could recharge them via a 12V car battery or the USB port on my computer.

I am a certified flashlight junkie and I will tell you guys straight: This light is a beast.

Any light that can produce over a THOUSAND lumens for almost 2 hours (turbo mode) is no lightweight! Add to that a beam throw that is over 300 yards and you have yourself a bonafide all around flashlight for any situation!

The only thing I would add is purchasing an inexpensive wall-plug to go with the USB cord to give yourself the option of charging at the wall versus charging on a laptop or other device.

I have also suggested to the R/D Dept. that they include a 12V Cig Lighter Charging cable in the future!


2 Pack – Wound Seal Kit + NSN / USA Made!

Keeping your first-aid and trauma kit’s well stocked and up-to-date is a given these days and having a a few QUALITY wound-seal kits is a MUST.  H&H Medical is a top tier manufacturer of QUALITY medical items for civilian, LEO and military so rest assured you are not using some cheap flimsy crap that will not work when you need it too! Understand as the above video discloses, this is a wound seal kit for use from NAVEL TO CHIN, or to put it another way, this item is applicable to ANY gunshot or knife/puncture wound to the center of mass.


SWAT-T – ( 3 In 1 )

Having a quality tourniquet in your trauma kit is a no-brainer.

Having the knowledge of WHEN and HOW to properly use one is FUNDAMENTAL in this day and age!

As a well seasoned firearm trainer once said: “If you are going to carry a gun for self-defense, also carry the items to survive a gunshot!” 

Those items include Quickclot Trauma Kit, a Quality Wound Seal Kit and a SWAT T.

Get yours today!


Pry.Me Bottle Opener + Keyring ( Proudly U.S.A. Made! )

There is no more important piece of kit for the civilian operator/prepper than a quality bottle opener!

I was intrigued when I first saw this thing and downright IMPRESSED after I used it a few times! DO NOT let it’s size fool you, this thing works!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Gear Reviews: 4 New County-Comm’s Prepper ‘Must Have’s’

Mike over at County-Comm sent me another batch of Four awesome pieces of Prepper gear I wanted to share with you guys.


Titanium Maratac AAA Flashlight Rev 4 POLISHED



For those of you that been around this blog for some time, you know how much I absolutely love County-Comm and Maratac Gear, specifically, their flashlights. One of the things I love about them is their ability to use standard Alkaline batteries, like AA and AAA and combined with a Cree emitter, produce a flashlight that is as bright, versatile and durable as any brand name “Tactical” flashlight on the market that cost 3 times as much, which in my humble opinion, makes Maratac Lights one of the best lights for the prepper’s money, hands down.

This is my first AAA Maratac (My previous ones have all been AA varieties) and my first impressions are awesome.

First things first, this thing is made out of titanium and it feels amazing. The weight is like a feather (16 grams w/o a Battery and 27.8 grams with one AAA Battery. We are talking GRAMS here folks!!)  but the contour of the stipling on the surface combined with the excellent hand polishing makes it very easy to hold in the hand. This being a very small light, the way you are going to hold it was thought out very well by the designers. The front of the light where the emitter is located is larger than the back of the light where you are going to hold it. This creates a very nice tapered design which flows into a natural “choke” point in the middle. Overall for being a very small light, it is extremely ergonomic and comfortable.


The Pocket clip is sturdy and has snap so it actually is functional, meaning you could clip this to your pant, shirt or backpack and expect it to stay put. The good folks at County Comm were also thoughtful enough to also include a Glow in the Dark diffuser so you can make this little powerhouse into a handy lamp in the event you needed one, which is pretty forward thinking if you ask me.

Operation is simple. 3 Settings: Low/Medium/High. Twist the head counter-clockwise to turn on. The switch is set so that the default setting is always going to be Medium (40 Lumens) when turned on. Twist again and you get Low (1.5 Lumens) Twist Again and you get High (145 Lumens).

Something very cool I discovered that is not even mentioned on the website is the ability for MOMENTARY operation by simply pushing back on the head of the light. You can also cycle through the light modes the same way as twisting the head. A Very slick feature if you ask me.

I really like that the designers set the switch default memory at Medium and not Low, 40 Lumens is bright enough for most average flashlight task where Low (1.5 Lumens) might be OK for looking for the keyhole when you forgot to turn on the porch light but that is about it. As with all their lights, the designers installed a Glow in the Dark front O-Ring around the Reflector, so after you have it on for a bit, the O-Ring will glow when turned off so you can find it in the dark if need be.

Performance was far beyond what I was expecting for a single AAA Alkaline Duracell battery.


Inside the house looking for keys, this is the default medium setting (40 Lumens) which is more than enough to do this job and pretty much anything else you would need a flashlight for. Very nice hot spot with a subtle corona.


Maratac Peanut Stainless Steel LED Flashlight


I will go ahead and admit it to you guys: I am a Flashlight Nut. I absolutely cannot get enough of them. Ever since I was a little boy I was either playing with one or taking one apart. That being said, I have “accumulated” quite a collection since my youth, but this new Peanut LED from County Comm tops them all in terms of being unique. This is a USB CHARGED Light meaning you can charge it right from your USB port on your Laptop, Tablet or other device. For those of you thinking about the “why” of a piece of gear like this, think of any device which still has a charge after the power has gone out..mainly your laptop or tablet; as long as it has power, you have a light source. And for those of you that want to maintain a permanent way of charging that phone/tablet (and USB Peanut Light) check out the Tetra. (Which hopefully I will be reviewing for you guys in August).



For those of you out there that have actually lived through a Natural Disaster where the power has been out for long periods (one month was the longest for us and that was with Hurricane Ike in 2008) having portable light sources besides candles is NICE. This small little powerhouse has many uses, the most obvious ones right off the bat for me being that this is a USB charged light is a portable laptop/reading light and also since the designers were nice enough to install a lanyard loop, with some Emergency Orange Paracord (also sold at County-Comm) and a Dual Slider Button I made a very simple “Peanut LED Necklace”for those times when I might need a small portable light source.


This light is small enough to go anywhere but Powerful enough to do most any task you can dream up. With a Low setting of 12 Lumens and a High Setting of 145 Lumens you are basically packing the quintessential “All in One Handy” Flashlight in the Palm of your hand.

Zipper Vault Plus


OK, I already caught some flak from a family member for wanting to sport a “man purse” or God forbid, the dreaded “Fanny Pack”, but this nifty little “Vault” (notice the terminology shift there?) splits the difference between those two dreaded pieces of attire often associated with clueless Tourist asking to be robbed.


Just coming off vacation I can tell you right now how nifty a pack like this really is. First off, it is non-descript and does not draw un-needed attention. It is what I like to call “Grey Man Compatible”. Black with red-stitching is something you would find more on a technician/handyman rather than a tourist, so you can definitely check that box. It is also big enough to fit EVERYTHING you would need for a day’s outing to include ID, Credit Cards, Money Clip and all your EDC items too. The bottom of the pack is made of a Maragrip Texture, so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet if you happen to set it down someplace damp, plus it will stay put wherever you sit it.


It has two heavy-duty zippers, which if you are a bag junkie like me, you know is a handy perk to have. The belt loops are double stitched and are big enough to accommodate  belts up to 1 3/4″. I tried out my EDC belt, a Spec-Ops Brand Better BDU Belt and it fit perfect. The designers also were thoughtful enough to include a small loop on it in the event you want to attach a carabiner and attach to your BOB or Suitcase.



Anodized Peanut Lighter XL


Last on the list is another version of County-Comm’s illustrious Peanut Lighter. I must admit, I have become addicted to collecting these handy little things like I have their flashlights. This version is their Anodized XL in a very snazzy Clear Green.


Fire is always something you need to have available, so it makes sense to have more than a few of these around. This version, the XL, is much larger than the Sntandard, has a square base so you can use it like a candle, provides up to 15 minutes of burn time and holds 5x more fuel than the standard Peanut Lighter, so it is perfect for those camping and hunting trips where you might need to start more than a couple of fires.


This thing burns like a small torch and Since County-Comm makes these right here in the U.S.A. out of Aerospace Grade Aluminum, you can remove the Brass made lighter insert and use the Aluminum Case as a Waterproof Pill Vial, EDC Storage case, Micro-Caching or if you are really in a bind, a quick field cup for a swig of water.


One of the nice features on these XL Lighters is the lanyard hole so you can tie a hank of paracord through it to keep up with it. Here I used some of the Emergency Orange and a dual slider button to make a quick, simple wrist or neck lanyard.

So there it is guys, 4 Pieces of Very Cool Prepper Gear to add to your BOB. Visit Mike and Company over at County-Comm today and be sure and tell them you saw their stuff at HCS!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



The “Batteriser”: Essential Prepper Gear

batteriser vertical

Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that extends disposable battery life by 800 percent

Bob Roohparvar tells a killer story of industrial espionage. He says the robbery occurred last October at his Batteroo office space in a sprawling Silicon Valley office park. The target was intellectual property surrounding Batteriser, a simple metal sleeve that promises to give consumers up to eight times more life from their disposable batteries, AAA through D.

The crooks clearly knew the building layout, and exactly what they were looking for—namely, a breakthrough technology that, if legit, could blow the lid off an alkaline battery industry that’s worth $3.4 billion annually in the US alone.

“It was a very, very professional job,” says Roohparvar. “They passed by all the offices with open doors, and then banged the hell out of my door, breaking it in. The doorknob was slammed so hard into the wall, it got stuck in the plaster. They took my hard disk and a bunch of USB drives. They took our Batteriser samples. They knew exactly how much time they had before the police would respond.”

Roohparvar, who has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and a long career in power management including a VP stint at Broadcom and a CEO stint at FlexPower, says he’s not worried about the theft, because Batteriser has full patentprotection. But once the battery manufacturers grasp what Batteriser can do—assuming it works as advertised—they might be worried by this simple gadget, which will cost just $10 for a pack of four when it goes on sale in September.

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