Time for Some Backyard Chickens!

Egg Prices Soar As Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Spreads Ahead Of Easter 

I bought six laying hens (Orpingtons), a rooster (Brown Leghorn) material and plans to build a chicken coop and chicken feed two years ago when all the fun started with Wu-Flu.

I now have a steady supply of brown eggs for my family and if needed, chicken broilers (chicken’s to eat.)

If you live in an area where it is permitted and have the space, I highly recommend diving into backyard chickens…yeah it’s work and there is a lot to learn, but the payoff is well worth it as you can see from the headline above.

Prepare Accordingly and Stay Ahead of the Curve.


Fieldcraft: Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches

Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches


Good things to have in your mental and physical survival toolbox because you never know when you might need FIRE.