DTG’s 2021 Updated 10 Week (If You’re Lucky) Plan to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario



DTG’s 2021 Updated 10 Week (If You’re Lucky) Plan to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario


This is an excellent Get Your Shit Together and Your Head out of Your Ass article!

To reiterate the most important point:

TIME is of the essence and everything mentioned is going to be harder to obtain and more expensive as time goes by, so ACT NOW!

Gathering weapons and supplies is very important but even more important is HAVING A PLAN and TRAINING!

Here are a few articles in my File Cabinet that might help you:


  1. The 5 Gun Theory (In Choosing Firearms)

  2. Is your Blow Out Kit Stocked and Ready? (Medical/Field Trauma)

  3. Outfitting your GO-RIG (Fighting Rig)


Stop wasting TIME and start PREPARING!


Why You Should Become an EMT

Why You Should Become an EMT

Or more to the Point, WHY you should get EMT Training…

In a Nutshell the answer is the same as to Why You Should Always be Armed: Because when Seconds Count, the Police (and the Paramdedics) are only an hour away!

NOBODY is Coming to Save You!

The “Cavalry” are on their Coffee Break or getting Hand Sanitizer.

Prepare Accordingly and Leave Nothing to Chance!


Time for Some Backyard Chickens!

Egg Prices Soar As Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Spreads Ahead Of Easter 

I bought six laying hens (Orpingtons), a rooster (Brown Leghorn) material and plans to build a chicken coop and chicken feed two years ago when all the fun started with Wu-Flu.

I now have a steady supply of brown eggs for my family and if needed, chicken broilers (chicken’s to eat.)

If you live in an area where it is permitted and have the space, I highly recommend diving into backyard chickens…yeah it’s work and there is a lot to learn, but the payoff is well worth it as you can see from the headline above.

Prepare Accordingly and Stay Ahead of the Curve.


Fieldcraft: Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches

Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches


Good things to have in your mental and physical survival toolbox because you never know when you might need FIRE.