Next Gen Body Armor: Talin Bio-Gel?

Bulletproof armor made of human cells? Scientists create gel that stops supersonic projectiles


Would need to know more specifics as far as where EXACTLY these human proteins are being sourced from, but the concept sounds interesting for sure.


Natural Cures: 5 Science-Backed Wound Healers found in Nature

5 Science-Backed Wound Healers Found in Nature


Two things to have around that can save your life: Big Jar of good, local Honey and an Aloe Vera Plant.

Think Practical, Live Simply and Prepare Accordingly.


Water Budgeting: Are You Ready?

Water Budgeting: Are You Ready?


Be Smart and Don’t take water for granted!

You need to cache water just like you do food!

If you don’t have one already, build yourself a simple rain catch system.

Think Ahead and Prepare Accordingly.


DIY Rain Barrel Instructions With Pictures (Cheap and Easy)

DIY Rain Barrel Instructions With Pictures (Cheap and Easy)


One of the three dozen projects on my TO DO List for this Spring is installing a new rain water catch system and some new rain barrels.

Prepping 101: The Shelf Life Of Clif Bars And How To Store Them Correctly

The Shelf Life Of Clif Bars And How To Store Them Correctly 


One of my Top 5 Calorie Dense Foods to have stocked away.

I vaccuum seal them in their original packaging a dozen at a time.