A Few Good Men



A Few Good Men


“The truckers lost. Because they still believe in the System. They still believe that if they play fair then they will get a fair hearing. They still believe that there is something left to save. There hasn’t been anything worth saving for two hundred and fifty years. Get your head around that and start working on yourselves. Because we are sorely going to need some good men.”

I have been saying this for a while now.

You are not voting yourself out of this so stop continuing to think you are going to “change” things by playing by their rules. Besides, whoever told you this game was not rigged from the start?

Wrap your Head around that Fact and Prepare and ACT Accordingly.


What specific decisions did Joe Biden make to drive up the cost of gas and electricity?

Good Read.


I noticed that social media, e.g. – Facebook, is marking photos of gas prices as “Misleading” and “Missing Context”. That is because fact checkers with English degrees don’t like the idea of voters blaming Biden for the skyrocketing price of gas. So, in order to get around that little problem, I’m going to list out the specific decisions and policies of the Biden administration that led to this mess.

The New York post reports:

If Biden signaled full-throated support for US drillers to get to work — and perhaps allowed the re-starting of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada — global oil prices could similarly fall sharply, the industry experts told The Post.

“Biden could go to the oil and gas industry and say, ‘OK, I’ve said we’re going to get off oil and gas and that you guys are yesterday’s industry, but I’m going to drop that,’” surmised Myron…

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Texas News: So Texas Politics has stooped to Half-Naked Single Mother’s on Pump Jacks?

“I Have Other Assets” – Texas Politician Poses Topless On Oil Well


Just another sign of the sick, twisted modern world and the garbage dump that is Politics.

The Job of Texas Railroad Commissioner has nothing to do with railorads as some might think, it’s basically an Energy Regulation Agency and if anybody remembers the Texas Winter Storm of 2021 then you know this is a VERY Important job not to be taken lightly by some floozie with a law degree.

Black “Civil Rights Activist” Attempts to Shoot White Mayoral Candidate (And Misses)

Activist Quintez Brown named in attempted shooting of Louisville mayor candidate Greenberg


Another Black on White Shooting in the News, and this time the white guy is a Politician.

Wow, that White Supremacy Problem just keeps growing exponentially doesn’t it?

You can quickly deduce from the name of the shooter (Quintez?) that he was Black.

I mean what other race of people name their children after soda pop and after shave?

The article goes on to tell that Brown participated in the 2020 racial “justice” protest and even ran for local office with a Twitter post stating “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.”  

The Louisville, Missouri Mayoral Candidate (Greenberg) was White, Democrat and I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess jewish?

Brown just “grazed” Greenberg from a distance of less than 10 feet, furthering the ideal that Black People Cannot Shoot for Shit.

Anyhoo, the press conference was a tad weird and the lib-turd hebrew wasted no time pandering for stricter “gun laws” after his near death experience.

I guess pushing for a Federal Hate Crime indictment never crossed this liberal’s mind because God forbid he even suggest a black person could commit a racial hate crime AND also be classified as a Domestic Terrorist with far left Black Supremacy leanings?

No, being a racist and domestic terrorist are reserved for White Folks exclusively in 2022 America it seems.