So We Can Rescue an Anti-American Black Lesbian Pot Head but Not a U.S Marine?

America revels in Brittney Griner’s return. Now Biden must do the same for Paul Whelan and Marc Fogel


FYI: Politicians from both sides of the aisle have a TERRIBLE track record when it comes to rescuing worthwhile Americans, namely American POW’s.

Biden and his ilk saw a Golden Opportunity to pander to their main voting base and rescue an Anti-American Black Lesbian.

You see Straight White Men who served their country do not rank as high, just ask U.S. Marine Paul Whelan who is still rotting away in a Russian Gulag on trumped up BS Charges.

Politics is such a despicable trade.


Texas News: Law Banning Gun Possession Due to Restraining Order is Unconstitutional

Law Banning Gun Possession Due to Restraining Order is Unconstitutional

Judge David Counts is the same West Texas District Judge who back in September Ruled that Person’s Under Felony Indictment (charged with a felony but not yet convicted) cannot be forbidden from purchasing firearms.

Both of these laws are what I like to call “Backdoor Infringements” because they don’t get a lot of attention and have been quietly used by lefty lawyers and judges for decades to infringe citizens rights to be armed.

Kudos to Judge Counts for standing up for the True Letter and Spirit of the Law!

“Shall Not be Infringed” Means Just That in every Legal Application!


Brazil Freedom Fighters –on Frontlines in War against Globalists

Don’t you Wish FUSA had one-third of the balls the People of Brazil have in standing up to election corruption fuckery?

Yeah Me Too.

Greencrow as the crow flies

Capital City Brasilia on Republic Day November 15, 2022 Some reports say the Crowds in the Streets of Brazilian cities are the largest ever in world history. A Crowd of 3 million gathered recently to mark Brazil Republic Day

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Update: Far Left Brazilian Supreme Court Orders Banks to block funds of businessmen who supported the protesters in mass democracy rallies – Protesters Stand Strong!

By Jim Hoft published November 17, 2022


Good afternoon readers. It’s been weeks now since the fraudulent selection for President of Brazil took place.

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