When Motives Aren’t Hidden . . .

When Motives Aren’t Hidden . . .


More Bulletin Headlines from FUSA you wont read in the MSM.

Prepare Accordingly Folks, Time is Short.

What If I Told You That Our Problems Are Few?

What If I Told You That Our Problems Are Few?


“For example, if we get rid of government’s #1 excuse to do anything — equality: anti-poverty and anti-racism programs — then it automatically shrinks, at which time we can address the administrative state, runaway taxes, and our far too numerous laws.

If we break the back of diversity, we can have culture again, at which point voting patterns revert to a more moderate view of things, which is that government should do little and ethnic groups must stay separate.

The beast that strangles us has only four feet, after all, and even if we remove only a few of those, it cannot stand. At that point, we have a chance for rebirth, ironically not by doing anything new, but by ceasing to do “new” dumb things.”


So How’s That White Supremacy Thing Going for You Joe?

Iran’s Proxy Terrorist Group, the Houthi’s, who Biden recently removed from the Terror Watch List in February recently stormed the U.S. Embassy in Yemen and took several hostages.

This of course comes after Biden and the F.B.I. famously declared this past April that ‘White Supremacist were more Dangerous than Islamic Terrorism.”


Looks like Somebody is a Dumb-Ass.

A Call to Arms

Is This the End of the Republic?

Simple Fact of the Matter:

Less Talk and More Action is what is needed if we expect to leave anything to our children except a smoldering pile of ashes.

Prepare Accordingly.


There are No Guardrails on the Left



A short, practical essay on the current condition and future of America by author Matt Bracken.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!