Let Us All Be Cornerstones

Let Us All Be Cornerstones


Too many in the Dissident Right seek immediate gratification. They long for name recognition. They struggle to be heard and seen. But to what effect are they achieving for their people?

The question everyone should ask themselves is the following:

Do I care more about the future than the present? 

It is a poignant question, because so many of our forebearers answered through actions and deeds. They never stopped to consider selfish personal gratification at the expense of future generations. They thought about that which was necessary for the children of tomorrow.

If the Dissident Right is going to grow, it will need spokesmen and content producers. It will also need humble “doers.” It will need the scribes, accountants, cooks, and post conference clean-up volunteers. It needs people who know their long-term, silent support is more important than boisterous proclamations by short-term heroes.


Brazil Freedom Fighters –on Frontlines in War against Globalists

Don’t you Wish FUSA had one-third of the balls the People of Brazil have in standing up to election corruption fuckery?

Yeah Me Too.

Greencrow as the crow flies

Capital City Brasilia on Republic Day November 15, 2022 Some reports say the Crowds in the Streets of Brazilian cities are the largest ever in world history. A Crowd of 3 million gathered recently to mark Brazil Republic Day

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Update: Far Left Brazilian Supreme Court Orders Banks to block funds of businessmen who supported the protesters in mass democracy rallies – Protesters Stand Strong!

By Jim Hoft published November 17, 2022


Good afternoon readers. It’s been weeks now since the fraudulent selection for President of Brazil took place.

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The Path Forward: Build and Balkanize

The Path Forward: Build and Balkanize


“Democracy has become a weapon of moneyed interests. It uses the media to create the illusion that there is consent from the governed. The press today is an army with carefully organized weapons, the journalists its officers, the readers its soldiers. The reader neither knows nor is supposed to know the purposes for which he is used and the role he is to play. The notion of democracy is often no different than living under a plutocracy or government by wealthy elites.” -Oswald Spengler

Voting harder isn’t going to cut it.

We have to build.

The existing system will collapse. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

When that happens we need to have Christian infrastructure in place to fill the power vacuum. The Amish have had it right this entire time. Their communities are growing and thriving. They will continue to do well. We must become a form of neo-amish, building sovereign communities and families away from Babylon. Technology is okay and a good tool. It’s something we can use to our advantage to communicate, build, and engage in commerce with one another.

Forget politics at the national level. That rigged game is over.

Focus on state and local elections, not what is going on in DC.

Conservatism has failed.

It has been trying to conserve a country and a culture that is never coming back and has long been gone. The future of the West depends on those of us who are going to build. Build our own infrastructure, our own families, our own communities, our own parallel economy, and our own strongholds of deep red states. We’ll build a wall around the borders of those states if that’s what it comes to. We need to accept exile from Babylon and get to work.

Imagine if you took all the energy you wasted focusing on the midterm election circus for the last six months and started a business, learned a new skill, built something with your hands, or grew a ton of food in a garden.

Shift your focus and energy to building wealth, sovereignty, and security for your family. Many people on Gab did this and are doing this right now.

As someone who has been building for six years now, I’m not going to tell you this is easy. I myself got caught up in the midterms despite knowing that the deck was stacked against us. I won’t make that same mistake again.


Texas Nationalist Movement







Crime Awareness: Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms

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Soros-backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins in Midterms


Just when you thought it was safe, Emperor Palpatine Darth Sidious Soros rears his ugly head in more political manipulation.

Most people forget that District Attorney’s (and State Judges) are Elected officials and in the recent Midterms, Liberal DA’s won big thanks to some Soros backed Campaign $$ Injections