Attack on Poland – German and Soviet Rearmament

Know Your History.

History and War


Throughout history, Poland shared the fate of many Central European nations in being a playground of various great powers. While Poland had, through Middle Ages and especially in 16th to 18th centuries, achieved status of a great or at least regional power, it always had to fight to preserve its independence. Poland eventually disappeared from the map after being divided between Prussia, Austria and Russia in divisions of 1772., 1793. and 1795. Poland would – with the exception of short-lived Grand Duchy of Warshaw – only regain independence after the three empires collapsed following the First World War.

As Russia collapsed in the 1917. revolution, the new Provisional Government in Petrograd issued a proclamation of Polish independence on 31st March 1917. But Germans had occupied Poland in its entirety, and so independence had to wait. Only in Autumn of 1918., with defeat of Germany close at…

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World War Two and Holocaust Movies Worth a Damn: Run Boy Run

“Run Boy Run” is a Polish made film with English subtitles that depicts the true story of a 10 year old boys struggle to stay alive in 1940’s Poland During World War Two. This is one of those stories where you keep wondering how much bad luck can one human being have, But as I have said before, it is good Holocaust and WW2 movies like this keep being made so we are all reminded of the horror that was life under Nazi rule. The ending of this movie is fantastic, for like in Schindlers List, you get to see the ultimate reward of Jewish Survival during the Holocaust: Generations of children.

Run Boy Run can be seen on Netflix.