Radio Contra Episode I

This is AP’s first podcast so drop what you are doing, tune in and try to learn something!


Radio Contra Episode 1: NC Scout discusses parallels between the Chechen resistance against the Russian Army to Appalachian folk and the potential future fight against a standing army in the Appalachian region. Music: Clutch “Son of Virginia” Aukai Collins “My Jihad” H. John Poole “The Tiger’s Way” Baofeng UV-5R Primary Arms’ ACSS Scopes Palmetto State…

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John Stryker Meyer and MAC-V-SOG

Not long ago I read John L. Plaster’s amazing book Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warrior’s of SOG.

Then as I was perusing Jocko Willink’s podcast the other day I ran across three episodes Jocko did with John Stryker Meyer, another member of that elite unit, MAC-V-SOG that served in Vietnam.

I highly urge you to listen to all three of these podcast, the stories and lessons are AMAZING.




The Martial Citizen Mindset: Becoming Dangerous

        Jordan Peterson’s Right That You Should                           Become Dangerous, And Here’s How


For those of you that know of and have read or watched Jordan Peterson, here is another awesome article in which he once again VALIDATES those instinctual feelings that martial citizens possess are not a fluke, they are there for a reason and that reason is SURVIVAL.

I have heard Jordan be accused of being too much of an “intellectual” and having ideals that are just too “lofty” and “impractical” for the average man.

For those folks who feel that way  I urge you to watch two podcast where former Navy SEAL and Silver Star recipient Jocko Willink interviews him. Here you will see Warrior-Monk Willink and Professor Peterson have a meeting of the minds that is quite extraordinary.

This quote from Jocko really struck me:

“(Jordan) has helped me to realize the way I feel in my gut, my instincts about people and about the world are there for a reason. It is not random. There is a reason for the way that I think and the way we think.”




Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!