The Climate Rationing Agenda

The Climate Rationing Agenda


One of the most concise articles I have read concerning the Climate scam and the Globalist agenda from the good folks over at Patriotic Alternative.

Please pass it on to somebody you care about.



Help Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2022!

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022 is fast approaching, falling on Tuesday 9th August  this year.

For Patriotic Alternative and other White-positive organisations and individuals across the globe, this means a day of celebration for our people.

In previous years we have reached out to our community and asked you to contribute to this day of celebration by sharing the message:


White Lives Matter


This can be in the form of banners, posters, stickers, or any other way you can think to share your creativity. For 2022, we ask you to do just the same, but this time, we’re hoping it’s even bigger!






Rooted in the Soil

Rooted in the Soil

“Which is why the royal personage who was entombed in Plas Gogerddan in Ceredigion in Wales is so important because just like the ship burial of his ‘significant other’ overlooking the River Deben near Woodbridge in Suffolk, he, like his ancestors, are rooted in the soil of these islands and are markers of distinct cultures, unique customs and precious histories that shape and define who and what we are and what we may still become.”

I just recently finished The Anglo-Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England (400-1066) by Dr. Marc Morris and I HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who wants a deeper understanding of this INTEGRAL period of history.

I re-read some chapters two or three times, it’s that good!