The Political Soldier: Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan

The Political Soldier:
Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan

This is an essay by Greg Johnson on Schmitt’s polarizing book Theory of the Partisan that is definitely worth a read considering the current geo-political situation.

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Know Your Weapons: Hungarian 44M “Mace Thrower”

Hungarian Army: 44M “Mace Thrower”


I am always interested in Partisan warfare and weaponry and this one is amazing.

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Military History: Syrian Lessons On Tank Warfare


Syrian Lessons on Tank Warfare

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Awesome article on an Infantry and Partisan’s view of anti-tank warfare.

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Guerilla Warfare History: 32 Battalion Operations in the South African Border War


32 Battalion Operations in the South African Border War

For the Military Historian and Civilian Operator alike, the study of the African Bush Wars are excellent primers on Guerilla Warfare.

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Cryptocurrencies and Unconventional Warfare

Crypto currency

Cryptocurrencies and Unconventional Warfare

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A really interesting read for the forward thinking civilian operator. There are so many applications here that I really could not name them all. One of the key ones I find really relevant is the Partisan/Asymmetric Concept.

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