The One Parkland Kid the Liberals Don’t Want You To Hear

Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Takes Stand Against Gun Control in Piers Morgan Interview

Kyle Kashuv, the conservative Parkland student who considers himself a “very strong Second Amendment supporter,” is continuing to take a stand against gun control. Kashuv has met with various members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and has had a number of interviews with prominent media figures where he hopes to garner bipartisan support for the STOP School Violence Act of 2018.

In one of his latest interviews, the high school junior talked to British journalist Piers Morgan, well-known for his anti-gun sentiments, on Good Morning Britain.

Throughout the interview, Kashuv held his own and stood up for the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to bear arms. When Morgan would bring up issues or topics irrelevant to the discussion at hand, Kashuv would bring the debate right back to where it needed to be.

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