PSA AK-P: First Shots, First Thoughts

“AKs are outdated.” “AKs have too much flash at night” “But AKs can’t mount modern optics” “..b…b-but AKs can’t efficiently interface modern enablers, like an IR laser” Yeah, we’ve all heard it. And maybe in the past some of it was true. I’ve been an AK shooter for almost twenty years now and unlike damn…

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Dogfaced Ponysoldier Limited Edition and AR-14 Presented to Worker


I almost spewed my coffee when I read this. 😵😅

Whoever thought this one up over at Palmetto State Armory was a GENIUS! 👍

Be sure to visit Palmetto State Armory and Next Level Armament and Patronize them well, these guys are doing fine work holding back the idiocy and agenda of the Left!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Hands On With Palmetto State Armory’s GF3 AK

Great write up by NC Scout on an American made AK that actually may be worth a damn.

Everyone who’s trained with me over the years knows I’m a BIG fan of the Kalashnikov. It’s just about everything you could ask for in a combat weapon; rugged, reliable, nearly idiot-proof, and as anyone who’s ever put metal in meat with it can tell you, effective. Over the years I’ve owned a large number…

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