Setting Up A Kalashnikov For Combat

Setting Up A Kalashnikov For Combat: The Palmetto State Armory GF-3E


Outstanding article by fellow AK Afficionado and one of the best trainers currently working in the business, NC Scout (aka Brusbeater.)

As I have said many times, If you are in the market for an AK, Palmetto State Armory is the place to go.

FYI: Scout’s Article on the PSA AK-104 is required reading for the student of the Kalash.


PSA AK-104: The Perfect Kalash?

PSA AK-104: The Perfect Kalash?


You have to admire and support a Firearms (and Ammo) Manufacturer that put’s it’s money where it’s mouth is in actively offering SOLUTIONS to an anti-2A, gun hating, gun grabbing liberal administration.

PSA has been all about ACTION and not just useless 2A banter the past few years in making sure American citizens are not denied the right to arm themselves with quality weapons and ammo at an affordable price.

Like a lot of old school AK fans at first I was skeptical than An American company could build a quality Kalash, but those doubts were quickly squashed by my buddy NC Scout’s candid reviews of PSA’s AK’s like the PSA GF3 AK.

Looking forward to getting my meat hooks on a PSA AK-104 with a case of their steel cased ammo, very soon!

Stay Dangerous!


The AK-104: The Best Expression of the Kalashnikov

The AK-104: The Best Expression of the Kalashnikov


I am in agreement with NC Scout, the AK-104 is one of the best flavors of the AK Family.

I am definitely putting the PSA AK-104 on my TO GET List for 2022!


Confirmed: Palmetto State to Manufacture US Steel Case Ammo

Hell Yeah!  👍

Finally and American Company with Common Sense and Balls!


Just received direct confirmation from the Palmetto State Armory top brass: We are going to be producing steel cased ammo. Right now the plan is for 7.62×39, 5.45 and 54R. The tentative release date is 2023, but that can change with time. This is seriously exciting news considering the State Department’s ban on future importation…

Confirmed: Palmetto State to Manufacture US Steel Case Ammo — American Partisan

Modernizing the Kalashnikov: Palmetto State Armory’s AK-P

We’ve probably all read or seen online the meme saying “Nyet! Rifle is fine!” or Mikhail Kalashnikov himself proclaiming his disdain for any aftermarket gear- its funny, and there’s people out there who really think like this. I mean I love a healthy gun collection and respect historical significance probably more than the next guy,…

Modernizing the Kalashnikov: Palmetto State Armory’s AK-P — American Partisan