The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting the Ghost

The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting the Ghost

For over a decade now I have been researching and studying how 21st century drug cartels and organized crime syndicates operate.

I do this mainly for two reasons:

  1. Research for my writing

  2. Considering freedom loving guerillas/partisans have always (and are currently) seen as criminals (ie domestic terrorist) anyway, observing the TTP of ‘successful’ criminal groups, both past and present is a no-brainer.

If you take one thing away from this study it should be this:

“Your best protection in the 21st century is not a private army but ANONYMITY.”

*I recommend downloading the full report to a flash drive for reference.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Security Chart of Messaging Apps

Handy Info for Reference.


IntelTechniquesSecureE2EE CommsComparisonBeta v. 0.1October 2020
E2EE Messaging (In-Network)YESYESYESYESOPTIONALYESYESYESYESYESPARTIAL*YESYES*Whatsapp cloud (Google) backups are not E2EE
Country of OwnershipUSAUSAUSAUSAUKAustraliaUSAUSAUAESwitzerlandUSAUSAUSAMany other cloud backups (Google, iCloud, etc) may not be E2EE
FundingVariousMark Cuban8×8AppleMatrix/ElementLokiSignalAnonyome LabsVariousThreemaFacebookVarious

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Armed Civilian Corner: A Quick Reminder about OPSEC


When talking about OPSEC as it pertains to the Armed Civilian, here is what I mean:

Operations Security, or OPSEC,is the process by which we protect unclassified information that can be used against us. OPSEC should be used to protect information, and thereby deny the adversary the ability to act. Nearly 90% of the information collected comes from “Open Sources”. Any information that can be obtained freely, without breaking the law, is Open Source. It is social network sites, tweets, text messages, blogs, videos, photos, GPS mapping, newsletters, magazine or newspaper articles, your college thesis, or anything else that is publicly available.

In the age of social media, people are more at risk of being exploited regarding OPSEC than ever before. Think how many times you have seen a person’s tweets or Facebook post and in a span of eight hours or so have been able to basically draw a detailed GPS map of where they have been, who they talked to and in some instances what they did exactly. This is not good folks. Not good at all. And it’s not because most people have something to hide or are criminals per se, it is the opposite actually; it is because people with nefarious intentions could use this information to their advantage in a number of criminal misadventures. Now I know what most of you are going to say: “But I only have my FRIENDS able to see my post, people that I Know and Trust…” The problem with that kind of thinking folks is that even though you may know and trust them, your friends may not practice good OPSEC. They may “accidentally” talk to people you may not know; and most of the time it is not done in a vindictive manner, it is just something that slips out. How many times have you been in an elevator, lobby or doctors waiting room and you overhear a phone conversation that is just a bit TMI (Too Much Information)? Believe it or not folks there are people (criminals) that troll public places listening and looking for juicy intel just like this everyday of the week. Sometimes it may be targeted, other times it may be accidental.

Some recent examples of bad OPSEC includes:

  • A Family broadcast on FB and Twitter they are about to go on Vacation. With a bit of cross-referencing, a group of professional thieves find out the address and scope it out. When the family returns from the Bahamas two weeks later they return to an empty house.
  • A woman broadcast on FB the Place and Time of an exercise group that meets in a church. The group met rather early at 5am. Church surveillance cameras showed a man dressed in law enforcement SWAT clothes show up at around 4am hoping to catch the woman there alone. He did… and murdered her.
  • A notice about a six year old’s Child’s Birthday swimming Party is posted on Facebook. A local pedophile recently released from prison finds out about it through a family friend. The pedophile is discovered later to have taken several pictures of children in their bathing suits and posted them to a child sex website.

So bottom line guys Be Smart about what you say online, and who you say it too.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Humor: New DOD Regulations Confirm that OPSEC Does Not Apply to Everyone

I always get a kick out of the Duffel Blog. This is what Everybody is thinking and this is what should be printed versus the spin and outright lies. -SF



THE PENTAGON — The Department of Defense is set to release new security rules later this week, making it clear that consequences for violations don’t apply equally to everyone, sources say. The revisions will make explicit what has until recently been an informal system that occasionally treated powerful people the same as peons, and, more rarely, sometimes failed to bring the wrath of God down on regular people acting out of conscience.

“When Snowden and Manning happened, releasing thousands of classified documents to civilian sources without approval, the way forward was pretty clear,” explained Col. Antonio Jimenez, who helped craft the new regulations. “Manning is in a military prison and Snowden sleeps with one eye open.”

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says that things “get complicated” when high-level individuals start mishandling, or even deliberately leaking information to the public.

“Snowden was just a civilian analyst, and Manning was an Army private,” Carter noted. “They didn’t have a chance. Manning had the right idea, becoming a woman and all, but she did it after she was convicted, so the victim angle didn’t do her any favors. If she’d done it before she’d probably already have a book deal and a job at MSNBC.”

“When Petreaus was caught giving secret information to his mistress, my predecessors initially ignored it, because Iraq,” Carter said. “Plus she was kind of hot. Unfortunately, the new guidance from the White House says that military violations, but not political ones, must be dealt with harshly.”

Carter appointed a Committee for State Security to write new regulations to comply with the directives of the White House.

“So, we’re looking at taking a star away from him,” Jimenez said. “If he’d been a member of congress or a former first lady of the United States then it would be a different story.”

Jimenez apparently was referring to former First Lady and Senator, and current presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s use of an insecure, private server for Top Secret emails, and a complete lack of accountability, forced the Pentagon and the White House to finally address accusations that high ranking individuals are treated differently when it comes to standards for handling classified information.

“Everyone has always known that was the case,” said Jimenez. “But now we’ve clearly defined who gets away with what. If you’re a military officer you pretty much get a free pass at lieutenant general and higher. There’s a sliding scale from there down to colonel that mostly depends on who you know.”

“But we still have to nail Petraeus’ balls to the wall, because appearances.”

Jimenez discussed the progression of punishment, noting, “At the very top you can see that if you’re actually holding a Cabinet post or Congressional seat you’re also given the option to pin your own violation on someone of lesser status.”

When asked why the chart didn’t list punishments or alternatives for anyone under the rank of O-6 or GS-15, Jimenez laughed.

“Those people are still in the real military where stuff like that matters. They’re all fucked.”

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OPSEC and Burner Phones

This was published in several places, but I wanted to re-post it for reference..some good stuff in here.

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