Yeah Good People With Guns Can Make a Difference

Good Guy With Gun Takes out Shooter in Indiana Mall Shooting, Saves Untold Number of Innocent Lives


Train Hard and Realistically and Carry 24/7.

The World is a Dangerous Place.

There are No Excuses for being a Sheep.




Open Carry is for Morons

[VIDEO] Open Carrier Has Gun Snatched At Convenience Store


Retention holster or not, you are inviting un-needed problems when you Open Carry.

But understand, the same principle goes for concealed carry.

**Once the perp knows you are armed, if they are able, they are going to try and snatch that gun from you and kill you with it.

Which is why I always tell folks who carry concealed they need to budget the money for some GOOD, REALISTIC STREET PROVEN ECQ FIGHTING AND WEAPON RETENTION TRAINING.

It’s a Violent, Brutal World out there folks.

Just because you carry a gun does not make you safe.

Train Frequently and Realistically.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Armed Citizens Duty to Train


“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required”

Luke 12:48


There has been a lot of debate as of late about “Constitutional Carry” and how it is the solution nationwide for both returning this country to it’s TRUE Constitutional rights as far as the 2nd Amendment is concerned and solving the confusing legal “quagmire” of carry reciprocity laws which exist state-to-state.

So often we Americans get so passionate about a topic, most especially gun rights, that we lose the broad perspective. For example, it is currently being argued that neither the Federal nor State Governments have any right to demand of a person that they obtain a permit to carry a legally purchased firearm openly or concealed on their person. This by extension, also implies that the Federal or State Government has no right to demand that a person complete a mandated training course before the permit gets issued. Now on the surface, it may appear that the debate on this issue is solely about GOVERNMENT CONTROL; that no Government has the RIGHT to implement such laws on a citizen, since it obviously infringes their constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment rights. And although that is the most POPULAR argument on the surface of the debate, the polarizing issue that is really at hand has to deal more with a citizen’s DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY than it has to do with CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS. Our Founding Fathers understood  you cannot divorce these two principles; a citizens rights can only be guaranteed by the degree of the citizen’s Duty to see those Rights exercised responsibly.

When a man arms himself and goes into public, he takes upon himself a certain amount of implied SOCIAL and CIVIC responsibility. He has to come to terms with the fact that the decisions he makes while armed could ultimately end or save a person’s life; including his own, therefore, he has a DUTY to be as fully TRAINED and PREPARED as he possibly can be. Now, one could argue that this RESPONSIBILITY is the individuals, and it is up to him to go out and get that training; it is not up to the STATE to mandate it. But if that is true, how do we hold that person accountable to that standard? If we wait until he has screwed up, made the wrong decision and killed an innocent person, have we not waited too long? No. The short answer is there HAS to be some accountable standard.

Now, as an example, if we look at the current Concealed Carry mandated Training in Texas, which is a meager 8 hour course that could be passed by my 11-year-old blindfolded, This IS NOT that accountable standard! We have to go farther and deeper than that as a SOCIETY if we fully intend to be morally and socially responsible. Can you train the average person for EVERY possible situation? Of course not, but you can train them for the most APPLICABLE and LIKELY TO HAPPEN.


For example, with Open Carry about to be passed here in Texas, how about some mandated advanced training on weapon retention? I know, I know, most gun right advocates HATE when you talk about an armed citizen having their gun taken away from them and killed with it, but guess what? It is a REALITY, it HAPPENS and it needs to be addressed in training. This stupid trend where trainers and citizens alike ignore or fail to address facts like these IN TRAINING or CONVERSATION simply because the topic is “unpopular” in the pro-gun community, needs to STOP.  Just ask a cop how much training he has had on weapon retention. I know, I know, an armed citizen and a Law Enforcement officer do not have the same responsibilities or authority, and definitely are not expected to behave the same when they witness a crime; that is not what I am talking about. What people have to wrap their head around is that with open carry comes serious responsibility. Every citizen that decides to carry openly will face the same danger uniformed law enforcement does on a daily basis. Consider: At every confrontation you get in, there will always be one loaded gun present:  YOURS. Ask yourself: Are you prepared to fight for your gun if some goon tries to snatch it? Are you in good enough PHYSICAL SHAPE to even do that? Do you have the tools in your toolbox RIGHT NOW to deal with that type of threat effectively? If the answer is No to any of these, then I have proved my point on people planning to Open Carry needing more Advanced Training than an 8 hour remedial gun course.

In closing, let me say that for far too long, the Pro-Gun, 2nd Amendment Movement has been all about advocating “Inherent Constitutional Rights” without, at the same time, advocating the “Inherent Constitutional Responsibility” that comes with those rights. We must understand that the very “under-pinning” or Foundation of a Democratic Society rest in the notion that these two ideals have always historically been held as mutually exclusive; they were never intended to be divorced from each other as they currently are in Obama’s socialist republic. In other words, the Founding Fathers of this Great Nation always had the expectation that a citizen must never expect to be given ANY RIGHT without first taking ownership of that right by being RESPONSIBLE in how it is administered and practiced.

This mindset has to change, if we intend to FIRST, function as a TRUE Democratic society and SECONDLY, to RETAIN our RIGHTS as FREE, ARMED MEN. Because only when we, as armed citizens, accept the SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY and BURDEN that we carry, and in turn, let that responsibility produce WORTHWHILE PREPARATION, can we truly be worthy to inherit the rights laid out to us by the Founding Fathers and understand the blood that has been shed over the many centuries to keep those rights intact, were, in fact, shed for those responsible enough to realize it is their duty to do the same if the situation should ever call for it. And I think it will, very soon.

Stay Responsible, Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Is Open Carry all it is Cracked up to Be?

open carry

With the recent Sidearm Open Carry bills proposed in the Texas Legislature (HB 700 and HB 1194), I wanted to take some time and dig into this subject from the point of view of the CO.

First, let’s talk about the legal side, I know this can be about as interesting as watching flies fornicate, but as I have always said, the CO needs to be aware and up to date on all laws regarding the carrying and/or use of weapons in self-defense, especially in regards to Open/Concealed Carry, since it is a red flag for Police Harassment. The Alternative, Sheeple Ignorance, is a gloomy prospect, I assure you..READ THIS.

There are a few definitions the CO needs to be clear on to fully understand the in’s and out’s of open (and concealed) carry of a firearm:

  1. Open Carry: The Act of Publicly carrying a firearm on one’s person in PLAIN SIGHT.
  2. Plain Sight: Broadly defined as not being hidden from COMMON OBSERVATION; varies in definition from state to state.
  3. Preemption: In the context of open carry, the act of a State Legislature passing laws which limit or eliminate the ability of local governments to regulate the possession or carrying of firearms.
  4. Prohibited Persons: People prohibited by Law from carrying a firearm. Felons, Anyone found guilty of Domestic Violence Charges & the Mentally Unstable fit this bill.

Currently in the United States, there are several designations of how the States breakdown as far as Open Carry (Taken from Open Carry.Org & Wiki-Pedia):

  1. Permissive Open Carry States: A state has passed full preemption of all firearms laws. They permit open carry to all non-prohibited citizens without permit or license. Open carry is lawful on foot and in a motor vehicle. It must be noted that while open carry may be legal in such jurisdictions per se, persons openly carrying firearms may be detained and cited by law enforcement officials for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace in certain locations and circumstances where openly carrying could cause public alarm. These states are:  Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota, Kentucky and Virginia.
  2. Licensed open Carry States: A state has passed full preemption of all firearms laws. They permit open carry of a handgun to all non-prohibited citizens once they have been issued a permit or license. Open carry of a handgun is lawful on foot and in a motor vehicle. These States are: Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Maryland.
  3. Anomalous Open Carry States: In these states, open carry of a handgun is generally lawful, but the state may lack preemption or there may be other significant restrictions. The limitations and/or lack of pre-emption may mean that certain areas of these states are, in their judicial system and law enforcement societies, not very friendly towards the practice, although this is not true in all of these states. These States Include: Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine and New Hampshire.
  4. Non-permissive Open Carry States: In these states, open carry of a handgun is not lawful, or is only lawful under such a limited set of circumstances that public carry is prohibited. Such limited circumstances may include when hunting, or while traveling to/from hunting locations, while on property controlled by the person carrying, or for lawful self-defense. These States Include: Texas, Arkansas, Florida,  South Carolina, Illinois, New York and Washington D.C.

OK, so now you know some of the legal stuff, what does the CO gain (or lose) by carrying openly?

There is a line of thinking in the RKBA and Training community concerning the degree of Deterrence that OPEN carry can TRULY exhibit on crime. First to clarify this, we need to separate the ideal of deterrence into two parts: Social and Personal. As far as Social Deterrence, I have always found this type of thinking to border on role confusion, ie “wanna-be-cop”. Since I, as a civilian, unless the crime directly effects me or my property, have no business or authority in regards to Stopping and Investigating crime;  that is Law Enforcement’s job. If we go any further on this ideal then we risk sounding like some kind of half-ass vigilante and as the Zimmerman case has shown, the legal system will steamroll you.

As far as Personal Deterrence, does Open Carry improve the odds I WILL NOT have to use my weapon? Listen, one can only go so far to avoid and deter bad situations. If we are following Safety 101 and:

  • Avoiding places we do not need to be in
  • Refraining from verbally assaulting people (road rage for example)
  • Being aware of our surroundings as much as possible

Then banking on the ideal that by carrying a gun for everyone to see that I am somehow intimidating or influencing a bad guy’s behavior qualifies as “Armchair Warrior Fantasy Training 101”. To me it ranks right up there with training to shoot people in the leg or “carriage” to take away their mobility: STUPID!!

Listen guys, the entire reason a CO carries a gun, either open or concealed, is to protect THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILY/LOVED ONES..PERIOD!  Yes, you hope you NEVER have to use your weapon, and you go to great lengths ensuring that you do not have too, but let’s get real and FLUSH this Open Carry Deterrence garbage right now!

Secondly, an often overlooked downside to open carry is the INCREASED necessity of RETENTION TRAINING. I am in no way implying that retention training should be a secondary subject in regards to the CCL’s repertoire, but carrying concealed means the weapon is not visible until it is presented. With open carry, the weapon is visible 24/7,  meaning everywhere the person goes and every situation they inject themselves into, they bring with them a visible, loaded firearm. At a minimum, I would suggest some type of  solid retention holster and some solid combative retention training. Krav-Maga offers some excellent material in this vein:

So where does that leave the CO? Is he truly better off showing the world his gun or keeping it hid? Since the OODA Loop is the true currency of a violent encounter, and time is often measured in precious seconds, (not the national 911 Police response time of 11 minutes) having the edge to ACT versus REACT is key to survival. Let’s be real, having a gun out in the open attracts attention. Plus, according to the laws surrounding Open Carry as listed above, where a LEO can detain and arrest you for carrying in the open and “Causing public alarm”, the con’s of open carry tip the scales.

Understand that the CO must adapt with the times, and with the nation wide fear induced, anti-gun delirium currently out there, the CO would be wise to STAY OFF THE RADAR!!

But as always, in the Process, Stay Dangerous!

The Holster Debate

Ahhhh..the old debate; Leather vs. Kydex for a gun holster. It is much akin to 9mm vs. .45 or AR vs AK debates of old. You have loyal disciples on both sides who are quick to tell you how they feel. As with all subjects, we here at HCS like to give you the facts and let you decide, BUT in the end, of course we have to choose one. When it comes to IWB/AIWB holsters and mag carriers pertaining to the CCL, comfort is the dictating factor. If it is not comfortable, you will leave it at me on this. If your holster feels like a block of wood in your pants, you will most likely pass. The same criteria goes for mag carriers, even though they are typically worn on the belt horizontally or vertically, the ability to conceal is huge, and yes, some do it better than others. Another issue is how the holster connects to your belt: Options include:  j-hooks, clips, loops & tek-lok just to name a few. The best option are slots through the holster or carrier itself, that way you have no weak point to snap or break at the wrong time and the holster will conform to your body better. It also limits what parts you will have to eventually replace over time, being that most snaps and j-hooks have some type of allen or phillips screw that attaches it. Fewer moving parts=less maintenance.

Leather Pro’s

  • Comfort
  • Contour to body (IWB)
  • Less “Gun rub” on weapon

Leather Con’s

  • Some models require a “break in” period, depending on the QUALITY of leather used
  • Not Weatherproof unless treated properly

Kydex Pro’s

  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Re-Holstering somewhat easier
  • Tension is Adjustable

Kydex Con’s

  • Can be Bulky
  • Uncomfortable edges
  • “Gun Rub” is more pronounced on weapon



The bottom line here is (surprise, surprise!!) you will get what you pay for in a holster and mag carrier. Spend the money for something that is comfortable and functional. The best test to determine which type you want to go with is to wear the holster for an entire day, checking fit and concealability regularly. (Concealability will also depend on your cover garment and that is not really the scope of this article; we will have an extensive piece on that later this month.) Pay attention to how it feels; riding in a car and sitting down  especially, as that is the position where people run into problems. Also with a leather holster, pay attention to the mouth of the holster and how it is built. You want a well formed “lip” around the mouth so re-holstering can be done by feel. On well built holsters, often there is extra material in this area for this reason. Lastly, with both types, you can have a sweat guard installed to keep your weapon from getting rusty. You will notice I never mentioned nylon…Simply put, nylon is trash..stay away from it for serious social use. 

OK, so down to the final verdict. For me, I have always preferred leather, I have used the same holster for my G21SF (Garrity In-Cognito IWB pictured above) for years now (yeah it has old school snaps and literally has some blood, sweat and tears on it) but I could not dream of using anything else. I have recently ordered a Garrity AIWB “In-Victus” for my G30 and can’t wait to try it out.  I also have used kydex extensively during work, using the Fricke horizontal kydex mag carriers (pistol) and the Caleb AK Mag Carrier and highly recommend them..very sturdy and I like the adjustable tension. BTW, both of these guys I just mentioned, Mark Garrity and Dale Fricke are outstanding human beings and master craftsman, so please visit their websites and buy something…and for those of you wondering, NO they don’t pay me to advertise, I do it because they are my friends and they make an outstanding product.