And Then There Were 23…

And Then There Were 23


Alabama joined the family of Constitutional Carry states, or at least it will as soon as the law goes into effect on January 1, 2023, and it is joined by Ohio where Gov. Mike Dewine signed their bill into law, effective June 12, 2022. Indiana’s law is sitting on its Governor’s desk waiting to be signed.

Georgia has also just passed their Constitutional Carry Bill through the House and is waiting on Senate ratification.

Slow and steady wins the race.


NRA Caves on Gun Violence Restraining Orders


In a not so surprising move, the NRA-ILA announced it would reverse it’s stance on “Risk Protection Orders” or “Gun Violence Restraining Orders”.

Truthfully, I cannot say this comes as a big surprise.

The atmosphere in Washington right now is so Anti-Gun it is pathetic.

Heck, even Corporations that have no dog in the fight (like Grocery store chains such as Krogers) are jumping on the bandwagon and BANNING gun magazines!

Frankly, I think this was a bad move for the NRA and ultimately another hurdle for all law-abiding gun owners.

Anybody that has had any exposure to the legal system, especially regarding restraining orders, knows how BAD this type of legal device can be abused by people with an “axe to grind” or who are driven by less than honorable motives. Plus, with the current hysteria level on the left at about a 15 out of 10, how many false or un-substantiated claims are going to be made against level-headed gun owners in the next six months? I say a great many.

Add to this the reality of how a case turns out ultimately rest in the hands of a JUDGE, not a jury of your peers. So ultimately the outcome of your case will depend on WHAT TYPE OF JUDGE hears it. Will it be a Conservative or a Liberal? And for all of you who think the Courts are “non-partisan”, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.  Judges are influenced by the bias of the media just like everyday sheeple are.

Big picture wise, I think the net effect of this law is NOT that dangerous people are going to be disarmed, but the OPPOSITE: legitimate gun owners having their Constitutional rights stripped from them IN A LEGAL MANNER and then countless hours of time and money spent by the GUN OWNER in the legal jungle of court cost and fees trying to get their guns back that they should have never lost to begin with.

Consider this story out of Florida where a man’s guns and ammunition were seized and the man taken to a psychiatric unit for evaluation (under the Florida Baker Act).

Being a veteran, I am particularly worried how this will affect us.

You must remember, every time we go to a VA Facility for medical care we are asked questions regarding our mental health, (regardless if we are there for that or not) and if we slip up and answer wrong (as a friend of mine did once joking around with a nurse) we get a free trip to the psych ward for a 24 hour “evaluation” and NOW with this new law we get our guns stripped away to boot. What a great way to show level headed Veterans you care! Send them to the crazy house and take away their guns.

To verify these kind of things happen not just in the VA Medical Clinics but also in the Private Medical sector, Consider this story about a former Police Officer and widower in Connecticut who suffered with melanoma (cancer) and made an off-hand remark to a medical technician about suicide and the next thing you know Cops are knocking on his door with a “Person Posing Risk to Self or Others” Warrant that allowed them to seize all 81 personally owned firearms.

Being a WW2 historian, I have to mention the HUGE elephant in the room.

EVERYTHING the Nazi’s did was LEGAL. 

Partly because they OWNED the courts, but mainly because they had written their racist ideology into legislation.

The Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 were the biggest travesty of Justice the world had ever known, and yet, it was the Nazi’s justification for sending millions of jews to the gas chambers.

Think about that one folks the next time you hear about a “Legal” Gun Confiscation for the “Protection” of a citizen from harming himself or others.

“Legal” Tyranny is still TYRANNY.


Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!